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Module Reading List

Independent and Supplementary Prescribing for Nurses and Midwives, 2021/22
Melanie McGinlay
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


General Prescribing


Nuttall, D & J, Rutt-Howard. 2020. The Textbook of Non-Medical PrescribingWiley-Blackwell. West Sussex. 


Beckwith, S & P, Franklin. 2011. Oxford handbook of prescribing for nurses and allied health professionals. Oxford University Press. Oxford

Bradbury, H & B Strickland-Hodge. 2013. Practical prescribing for medical studentsSAGE Publications Ltd, Exeter. (An excellent text for all disciplines despite the medic title)

Strickland-Hodge B & MC Kennedy. 2019. The Prescribing Pharmacist. M & K Publishing. London. 

Nicholson, T & D, Singer. 2015. Pocket prescriberCRC Press. London.

Blaber, A. and Morris, H. 2020. Independent Prescribing for District Nurses. Class Professional Publishing

Blaber, A., Morris, H. and Collen, A. 2018. Independent Prescribing for Paramedics. Class Professional Publishing.

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Assessment, Consultation and Decision Making 


Gill, C & M, Murphy. 2013. Communication and Patient Collaboration. Chapter one in: Practical prescribing for medical studentsEditors: Helen Bradbury & Barry Strickland-Hodge. Sage Publications Ltd. Exeter. 

Rawles, Z. B, Griffiths & T, Alexander. 2015. Physical Examination Procedures for Advanced Nurses and Independent Prescribers: Evidence and Rationale. Hodder Arnold. Zoe Rawles (Author) › Visit Amazon's Zoe Rawles Page Find all the books, read about the author, and more.   

Thompson, C & D, Dowding. 2017. Clinical decision making and judgement in nursing. Churchill Livingstone. Edinburgh. 

Skinner, S. (2005). Understanding clinical investigations : a quick reference manual (Second edition.). Bailliere Tindall. 


Bickley, L. 2016. Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking. 11th Edition. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. Philadelphia.

Molton, L. 2007. The Naked Consultation: A Practical Guide to Primary Care Consultation Skills. Radcliffe Publishing Ltd. 

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Influences and Psychology of Prescribing 

There are a number of good texts here, a couple are:

Arnold, E, C & K, Underman Boggs. 2015. Interpersonal Relationships Professional Communication Skills for Nurses. 7th Edition. Elsevier Health Sciences. London

Conner, M & P, Norman. 2015. Predicting and Changing Health Behaviour: Research and Practice with Social Cognition Models 3rd Edition. Open University Press

Rungapadiachy, D, M. 1999. Interpersonal communication and psychology for health care professionals : theory and practice. Butterworth-Heinemann. London.

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Prescribing in a Team Context

Franklin, P, M. 2017. Non-medical prescribing in the United Kingdom. Springer International Publishing. London.

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Update on Relevant Aspects of Basic, Applied Therapeutics & Evidence Based Medicine

A current textbook of clinical pharmacology. There are many and most students would benefit from looking through the University Library pharmacology section to choose a text that suits them. For example the current Edition of the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy.


Greenstein, B. 2015. Trounce's Clinical Pharmacology for Nurses. 18th Edition. Churchhill Livingstone Elsevier. London.

Whittlesea, C., & Hodson, K. (2019). Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics (Sixth edition.). Elsevier.

Ritter, J., Flower, R., Henderson, G., Loke, Y., MacEwan, D., & Rang, H. (2019). Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology (Ninth edition.). Elsevier.

Waller, D & T, Sampson. 2017. Medical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. Elsevier Health 


Neal, M. 2015. Medical Pharmacology at a Glance8th Edition. Blackwell Publishing. London.

Greenhalgh, T. (2014). How to read a paper : the basics of evidence-based medicine (Fifth edition.). John Wiley & Sons Inc.

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Drug Interactions


 Baxter, K. 2016. Stockley’s Drug Interactions. 11th Edition. Pharmaceutical Press. London.

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Harris, S. N & D, Shearer. 2013. Nurses! Test yourself in non-medical prescribingOpen University Press

 Lapham, R. 2015. Drug calculations for nurses: A step by step approach4th Edition.Hodder Arnold.  London.

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Avery, G2016. Law and Ethics in Nursing and Healthcare: An Introduction2rd Edition.  Sage Publications Ltd.

Beauchamp, Tom L., and James F. Childress. Principles of Biomedical Ethics . Eighth edition., Oxford University Press, 2019.


Manson, Neil C., and Onora O’Neill. Rethinking Informed Consent in Bioethics . Cambridge University Press, 2007.

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It is important that this aspect of therapeutics is understood if the disease process is to be managed effectively over time.


Golan, E & A, H Tashjian.  2016. Principles of Pharmacology. The pathophysiologic basis of drug therapy4th Edition. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. 

McGavock, H. 2015. How Drugs Work: Basic Pharmacology for Healthcare Professionals. 4rd Edition. Radcliffe Publishing Ltd.


Basten, G. 2013. Blood results in clinical practice M&K Publishing

Bickley, L. 2016. Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking. 11th Edition, Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. Philadelphia.

Edwards, C & P, Stillman. 2016.  Minor illness or major disease? : the clinical pharmacist in the community.  6h Edition. Pharmaceutical Press

Pagana, K & T, J, Pagana. 2017. Mosby's diagnostic and laboratory test reference. 6th Edition. Mosby/Elsevier Publishing, Oxford.

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Clinical Governance

 McSherry, R & P, Pearce. 2011. Clinical Governance a Guide to implementation for Healthcare Professionals. 3rd Edition. Blackwell Publishing. Oxford. 

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Reflective Practice

Boud, D., Keogh, R. and Walker, D., 1985. Promoting reflection in learning: A model. In Boud, D., Keogh, R. and Walker, D (eds) Reflection: Turning experience into learning. London. Kogan Page. pp 18-41.

Brookfield, S. 1995. Becoming a Critically Reflective TeacherSan-Francisco. Josey-Bass.

Moon, J. 2004. A handbook of reflective and experiential learning: Theory and Practice. London, Routledge.

Oelofsen, N. 2012. Developing reflective practice : a guide for students and practitioners of health and social careLantern Publishing Ltd. Oxfordshire

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The reports below are important to give an overview to the development of independent and supplementary prescribing for nurses and midwives and pharmacists. 


General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC): 2017. Standards for pharmacy professionals.  Available here:

National Institute For Health and Care Excellence (NICE): Medicines management: general and other. All NICE products on medicines management: Includes any guidance, advice, NICE Pathways and quality standards Available here:

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC): 2015. The Code: Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives. Available here:

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS): 2017. Single Competency Framework for Prescribers


Brazier, Margaret., and Emma Cave. Medicine, Patients and the Law. Sixth edition / Margaret Brazier and Emma Cave., Manchester University Press, 2016.Department of Health. 1989. Crown 1 Report of the Advisory Group on Nurse Prescribing. The Stationery Office. London.

Department of Health. 1999. Crown 2 Review of Prescribing, Supply and Administration of Medicines. The Stationery Office. London.

Department of Health. 2006a. The NHS (Miscellaneous Amendments Relating to Independent Prescribing) Regulations 2006. Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 913. The Stationery Office. London. Available here:

Department of Health. 2006b. Improving patients' access to medicines : a guide to implementing nurse and pharmacist independent prescribing within the NHS in England. The Stationery Office. London.

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Healy D. 2016. Psychiatric Drugs Explained 6th Edition.  Elsevier Publishing, Oxford.

Hussey, D. 2012. Strategic management : from theory to implementationCRC Press. London.

Moore, A & H, McQuay. 2006. Bandolier's little book of making sense of the medical evidence. Oxford University Press

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