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This module has 49 reading lists:

HIST1300 Mark Shearwood Glorious Revolution
Gender and Sexuality in Interwar Britain
Animals in Medieval Society
Hossain Reading List: Indian Indentured Trade
Forster and Orwell reading list
HIST1300 Moncrieff Reading List
Graham Rawson Reading List
Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Reading List
Casanova: Sexuality, Sociability and Society in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Module Reading List - 'Of Monsters and Men: First Encounter in the Atlantic World'
HIST1300 Reading List - Mass Observation: Childhood and Youth in 1930s England
Dr Green
Reading List 2018-19
Jack Noe Reading List
HIST1300 Reading List: The 1977 National Women's Conference
British Political Culture 1832-1884- Tommy Pritchard
The 'Itinerarium Peregrinorum' and the Third Crusade
Emily Webb Module Reading List
Global Lives stream reading list
HIST1300: Fynes Moryson and his world
HIST1300: Richard III: The Man and the Myth
Module Reading List for Hist 1300
Viking Crusader
The Detective as Historian Reading List
HIST1300 Making of Modern India Reading List (2021) | Saarang Narayan
B. Seebohm Rowntree and Social Investigation Reading List
Mr Fernández-Aceves - The History of the Tyrants of Sicily by ‘Hugo Falcandus’
Malcolm Chase Reading List
Orwell & Forster Stream Reading List
Ms Dani Coombs - Thomas Paine's Rights of Man
HIST1300 Reading List MAW Equiano and the Slave Trade
Reading List: The Home Front in Second World War Britain
Married Love reading list
HIST 1300 - Module Reading List
HIST1300 John Ruskin's Unto This Last and other writings
Hist 1300: Sati in India Reading List
Module Reading List
Britain and the French Revolution - Dr Kevin Linch
George Orwell in the Spanish Civil War
1300 Samuel Ellis Reading List: Captain Cook's Voyages
HIST1300 Crusades and their Chroniclers: Reading List
Making of Modern India Reading List (2019)
HIST1300 Making of Modern India Reading List (2022) | Saarang Narayan
Terrazas Williams - Slave Narratives
HIST1300 Rosie Cousins' group - Jenkinson's travels
HIST 1300 - Arts & Culture of Modern Black Diaspora
Module Reading List - On the Money
HIST1300 Medical Casebooks with Kat Rawling
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