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Reading lists which matched "GEND" for 2018/19

Module code Module title
EAST2470Japanese Literature in Translation: Gender and Sexuality in Modern Japan
ENGL32111Gender, Culture and Politics: Readings of Jane Austen
ENGL32998Writing and Gender in Seventeenth-Century England
ENGL5217MArthurian Legend: Medieval to Modern
ENGL5835MThe Literature of Crisis: Politics and Gender in 1790s Britain
HIST2441Race, Gender and Cultural Protest in the US since 1865
HIST5029MGender, Sex, and Love: Byzantium and the West, 900-1200
LAW3116Gender and the Law
LING2380Language and Gender
LING3180Language and Gender
LUBS3001Gender and Equality at Work in Comparative Perspective
LUBS5360MGender and Equality at Work in Comparative Perspective
PIED3617Reimagining Politics: Gender, Race, and Popular Culture
PIED5255MGender, Globalisation and Development
SLSP2050The Sociology of Gender
SLSP3500Gender, Technologies and the Body
SLSP5312MTheorising Gender 1
SLSP5313MTheorising Gender 2
THEO2286God, Sex and Gender in Africa
THEO2720Religion, Gender and Society
THEO3286God, Sex and Gender in Africa
THEO5100MContemporary Issues in Religion and Gender