Leeds University Library

Fine Art

Module code Module title
ARTF0010Art and Cultural History
ARTF1004Introduction to Cultural Analysis II
ARTF1015Elements of Visual Culture II
ARTF1042Museum and Country House Studies 2: Introduction to Museum Studies
ARTF1045A Story of Art I
ARTF2048Vision, Discourse, Power and Practice
ARTF2051Seeing in Asia
ARTF2052Showing Asia
ARTF2069The Art Market: Moments, Methodologies, Meanings
ARTF2071Aesthetics 2
ARTF2092The Museum
ARTF2097Imagining Others
ARTF2103Renaissance Art and Architecture North and South of the Alps circa 1400-1550
ARTF2106Buddhism in Practice: Statues, Stupas and other Forms of the Non-Self
ARTF2121Leeds Collections in Context
ARTF2126Danish Golden Age Painting
ARTF3016Soviet Socialist Realism
ARTF3031Periclean Athens
ARTF3034From Trauma to Cultural Memory: The Unfinished Business of Representation and the Holocaust
ARTF3051Sins, Sinisters and Sciapods: The Margins of Medieval Art
ARTF3054Anthropology, Art and Representation
ARTF3059Critical approaches to photography
ARTF3156The 'Rematerialisation' of Art? (circa 1960 - present)
ARTF5016MMA History of Art Core Course
ARTF5026MCapitalism-Criticism-Contemporary Art
ARTF5255MHistory and the Museum: Representation, Narrative and Memory