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Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies

Module code Module title
ARTF0010Art and Cultural History
ARTF1004Introduction to Cultural Analysis II
ARTF1015Elements of Visual Culture II
ARTF1019Professional Practice (Introductory)
ARTF1045A Story of Art I
ARTF1048Introduction to Museum and Art Gallery Studies
ARTF1200Whose Past and Which Future? Exploring Living Histories and Heritage Today
ARTF2028The Wanderers. Critical Realism in Nineteenth Century Russia
ARTF2052Showing Asia
ARTF2060Ecologies of Medieval Art
ARTF2069The Art Market: Moments, Methodologies, Meanings
ARTF2092The Museum
ARTF2125Exhibitions, Curatorship and Audiences
ARTF2126Danish Golden Age Painting
ARTF2200Borromini and the Roman Baroque: Skill, Knowledge, and Material?s Potential
ARTF2205Renaissance / Anti-Renaissance: Critical Approaches to Early Modern Art in Europe
ARTF2207Power and Practice
ARTF2800Careers Preparation for Arts and Culture
ARTF3016Soviet Socialist Realism
ARTF3034From Trauma to Cultural Memory: The Unfinished Business of Representation and the Holocaust
ARTF3054Anthropology, Art and Representation
ARTF3056Unmaking Things: Materials and Ideas in the European Renaissance
ARTF3059Critical approaches to photography
ARTF3100Encountering Things: Art and Entanglement in Anglo-Saxon England
ARTF3101The Origins of Postcolonial England
ARTF3156The 'Rematerialisation' of Art? (circa 1960 - present)
ARTF5016MMA History of Art Core Course
ARTF5031MUnfinished Business: Trauma, Cultural Memory and the Holocaust
ARTF5033MAesthetics and Politics
ARTF5066MCritical and Curatorial Challenges in Contemporary Art: The Documenta Exhibitions at Kassel 1992-2012
ARTF5071MEncountering Things: Art and Entanglement in Anglo-Saxon England
ARTF5073MThe Origins of Postcolonial England
ARTF5194MTechnology, Media and Critical Culture
ARTF5195MUnmaking Things: Materials and Ideas in the European Renaissance
ARTF5217MMA Fine Art Dissertation
ARTF5255MHistory and the Museum: Representation, Narrative and Memory
ARTF5265MIndividual Directed Study
ARTF5680MInterpreting Cultures
ARTF5801MHeritage Studies: Key Words
ARTF5990MAssessing the French Revolution