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Module code Module title
CHEM1181Mathematics for Chemists
CHEM1211Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry
CHEM1240Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM1260Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
CHEM1291Mathematical and Physical Concepts for Chemists
CHEM1810Elementary General and Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM1830Elementary Organic Chemistry
CHEM2110Structure and Reactivity in Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM2180Chemistry of Life
CHEM2190Structure and Spectroscopy
CHEM2215Introduction to Drug Design
CHEM2240Principles of Chemical Analysis
CHEM2241Organic Structure and Mechanism
CHEM2270Organometallic and f-block Chemistry
CHEM2350Foundations of Physical Chemistry
CHEM3131Chemical Bonding and Reactivity
CHEM3145The Medicinal Chemistry of Drug Development
CHEM3180Organic Synthesis
CHEM3185Atmospheric Chemistry
CHEM3190Chromatography and Analytical Separation
CHEM3201Structure and Spectroscopy II
CHEM3215Analytical Techniques in Atmospheric Chemistry
CHEM3241Self-Organising Molecular Systems
CHEM3245Principles of Chemical Analysis
CHEM3261Fundamental Supramolecular Chemistry
CHEM3620Ethical Issues in Chemistry
CHEM5126MOrganic Synthesis for Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Synthesis
CHEM5226MCase Studies in Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Synthesis
CHEM5240MSelf-Organising Molecular Systems