Leeds University Library

Civil Engineering

Module code Module title
CIVE1260Engineering Surveying and Construction Technology
CIVE1360Structural Design and Analysis
CIVE1460Properties of Materials: Water, Soil, Steel and Timber
CIVE1665Integrated Design Project 1 (inc Design Studio 1)
CIVE2150Structural Design 1
CIVE2250Sustainable Engineering Solutions
CIVE2260Architectural History and Theory 2
CIVE2301Civil Engineering Materials II
CIVE2355Transport Engineering and Planning I
CIVE2360Structural Analysis 1
CIVE2560Engineering Mathematics and Modelling 2
CIVE2660Integrated Design Project 2
CIVE2910Introduction to Project Management
CIVE3165Structural Design 2
CIVE3350Transport Engineering II
CIVE3385Introduction to Railway Engineering and Planning
CIVE3510Foundation Engineering Fundamentals
CIVE5013MDesign and Management of Structures in Earthquake Zones
CIVE5024MDesign Optimisation - MEng
CIVE5025MAdvanced Concrete Design - MEng
CIVE5026MDeterioration and Maintenance of Concrete Structures (MEng)
CIVE5145MAdvanced Steel and Composite Design
CIVE5170MInternational Construction Management and Engineering/ Engineering Project Management Dissertation
CIVE5181MProject Management
CIVE5220MStrategic Management in Construction
CIVE5231MFunding for Projects
CIVE5233MRisk Management
CIVE5275MManagement, Practice, and Law
CIVE5360MProcurement Management
CIVE5451MConstituent Materials of Concrete
CIVE5670MGeotechnical Engineering
CIVE5815MBuilding Physics 3
CIVE5840MDesign Studio 4.1
CIVE5913MDesign and Management of Structures in Earthquake Zones
CIVE5941MWhole Life Asset Management
CIVE5954MValue Management
CIVE5960MAdvanced Structural Analysis
CIVE5970MAdvanced Structural Analysis (MSc/PGD)
CIVE5971MDesign Optimisation - MSc
CIVE5972MAdvanced Concrete Design (MSc)
CIVE5975MFoundation Engineering (MSc)
CIVE5977MAdvanced Steel and Composite Design - (MSc)