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Module code Module title
CLAS1300The Greek World: an Introduction
CLAS1400The Roman World: An Introduction
CLAS1610After Troy: Homecoming in Greek Epic and Tragedy
CLAS1620Latin Literature: Republic and Empire
CLAS1640Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy
CLAS1650Introduction to Classical Archaeology
CLAS1801Fast-Track Ancient Greek 1
CLAS2600Virgil's Aeneid
CLAS2601Virgil's Aeneid
CLAS2700Homer's Iliad
CLAS2701Homer's Iliad Linguistic Pathway
CLAS2800Evidence and Enquiry in Classics
CLAS3350Herodotus and the Beginning of History
CLAS3360Ovid the Innovator
CLAS3420Augustus and his Legacy
CLAS3430The Ancient Greek Novel
CLAS3431The Ancient Greek Novel: Linguistic Pathway
CLAS3510Pompeii - Past, Present and Future
CLAS3650The Image of Sparta
CLAS3833Advanced Ancient Greek Grammar 2
CLAS3970Ancient Magic