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Module code Module title
CLAS1200Intermediate Ancient Greek
CLAS1300The Greek World: an Introduction
CLAS1400The Roman World: An Introduction
CLAS1610After Troy: Homecoming in Greek Epic and Tragedy
CLAS1620Latin Literature: Republic and Empire
CLAS1650Introduction to Classical Archaeology
CLAS1810Beginners Ancient Greek
CLAS1910Beginners Latin
CLAS2600Virgil's Aeneid
CLAS2700Homer's Iliad
CLAS2800Evidence and Enquiry in Classics
CLAS2900Ancient Empires: Power and Control
CLAS3120Traversing Time: The Voyage of Argo
CLAS3350Herodotus and the Beginning of History
CLAS3380Classics in 20th-21st Century Literature
CLAS3510Pompeii - Past, Present and Future
CLAS3595Heroines: Representations of Mythological Women from Antiquity to the Present
CLAS3710Plato on Love
CLAS3740Greek Religion
CLAS3890The City in the Roman World
CLAS5500MPrinciples and Practices of Research in Classics
CLAS5700MUsing The Past
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