Leeds University Library


Module code Module title
DESN0010Visual Research and Drawing
DESN0030Understanding Design
DESN0040Personal Study
DESN1250Fundamentals of Imaging
DESN1355Fashion Marketing
DESN1365Fashion Style and Communications
DESN1440Studio Practice 1A
DESN1441Studio Practice 1B
DESN1545Patterns and Culture
DESN1560Design for Textiles 1B
DESN1653Research and Design Development
DESN1661Garment Technology 1
DESN1705Drawing 1A
DESN1706Drawing 1B
DESN1800History and Theory of Art and Design
DESN2275Research Methods
DESN2355Fashion Marketing and Product Development
DESN2365Trends and Forecasting
DESN2400Contemporary Art and Memory
DESN2440Studio Practice 2A
DESN2441Studio Practice 2B
DESN2500Eco-Design: Understanding Design's Role in Global Ecology
DESN2564Design for Textiles 2A
DESN2633Colour: Art and Science
DESN2640Design Theory 2
DESN2653Design Development and Portfolio
DESN265820th Century Fashion
DESN2661Garment Technology 2
DESN2988Digital Media (Motion/Interactive) 2B
DESN3150Contemporary Moving Image
DESN3441Studio Practice 3B
DESN3445Time and the Image in Contemporary Art
DESN3460Independent Study: Minor Dissertation
DESN3525Colour Image Management
DESN3559Fashion Innovation: Research and Analysis (Negotiated Project)
DESN3563Portfolio: Research and Analysis
DESN3582Fashion Styling and Photography
DESN3989Graphic and Communication Media C
DESN3994Independent Project
DESN5107MSustainable Design
DESN5210MVisual Communication
DESN5230MIntegrated Communication
DESN5245MCreative Direction
DESN5303MFashion Communication and Photography
DESN5305MFashion Industry Analysis
DESN9004Training in the Workplace
TEXT5117MFibres and Technical Textiles
TEXT5125MThe Management of Design, Innovation and Product Development
TEXT5301MTextile and Apparel Materials and Technology
TEXT5302MBrand Design and Communication
TEXT5304MTextile Product Design, Innovation and Development