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Module code Module title
EDUC1009Education in a Multilingual World
EDUC1040Second Language Acquisition and Learning
EDUC1203Children, Young People, Families and the State
EDUC1204What is a Child: Child Development and Learning
EDUC1205What is a Child: Social Construction of Childhood
EDUC1206Social and Cultural Worlds of Childhood and Youth
EDUC1207Children's Rights and Social Justice
EDUC1208Play and Learning
EDUC2009Planning Language Teaching and Learning
EDUC2071School Mathematics from an Advanced (Undergraduate) Perspective
EDUC2080The Practice of English Language Teaching
EDUC2090Language Description for Education
EDUC2401Inclusive Education
EDUC2604Literacies and Learning
EDUC3007Globalisation, Identity and English Language Education
EDUC3030Language Learning Technology and Materials
EDUC3478Secondary Maths
EDUC3550Child Welfare and Young Children
EDUC3903Children, Families and Cultural Diversity: Philosophical Perspectives
EDUC5001MCritical Study
EDUC5015MDeveloping Teaching and Learning Through Evidence-based Practice
EDUC5016MLeading Teaching and Learning Through Evidence-based Practice
EDUC5017MCritical Study
EDUC5032MEducational Research Methods Directed Study
EDUC5033MEducational Research Methods Dissertation Study
EDUC5060MGetting Started: Research Questions and Approaches in Education
EDUC5063MIntroduction to quantitative data analysis
EDUC5064MStatistical modelling in educational research
EDUC5070MEducational Audiology
EDUC5072MDeafness and Development
EDUC5073MLearning and Teaching in Deaf Education
EDUC5075MCritical Study (Deaf Education)
EDUC5150MSecondary Educational and Professional Studies: Practice, Theory and Research (One) - School Direct
EDUC5153MSecondary Mathematics - School Direct
EDUC5154MSecondary Modern Foreign Languages - School Direct
EDUC5157MSecondary Biology - School Direct
EDUC5159MSecondary History - School Direct
EDUC5256MTechnology Enhanced Language Learning
EDUC5257MLearning with Digital Technologies
EDUC5258MDesign and Evaluation of Digital Learning Environments
EDUC5259MTechnology, Education and Society
EDUC5263MDigital Learning in Practice
EDUC5301MDeveloping Personal Practical Knowledge of English Language Teaching
EDUC5306MThe Practice of Supporting Language Teacher Learning
EDUC5311MWorkplace Learning and assessment in practice settings
EDUC5320MEducation Management, Theories of Teaching and Learning, Developments in Healthcare Education
EDUC5500MSecondary Educational and Professional Studies: Practice, Theory and Research (One)
EDUC5501MSecondary Educational and Professional Studies: Practice, Theory and Research (Two)
EDUC5531MSecondary Mathematics
EDUC5532MSecondary Modern Foreign Languages
EDUC5533MSecondary Biology
EDUC5534MSecondary Chemistry
EDUC5725MInternational Educational Management: Developing Leadership
EDUC5731MInternational Educational Management: Developing Staff for Institutional Improvement
EDUC5735MInternational Educational Management: Developing Financial and Material Resources
EDUC5740MInternational Educational Management: Effective Development of Policies and Plans for Change
EDUC5765MMathematics: Curriculum and Assessment
EDUC5804MSpecial Educational Needs: Principles and Practice
EDUC5861MTheorizing Childhood and Youth
EDUC5863MOn-screen, off-screen: children's creativity and cultures
EDUC5901MLearning and Teaching in TESOL
EDUC5902MInvestigating Language for TESOL
EDUC5903MLearning and Teaching Vocabulary
EDUC5912MGrammar, Learning and Teaching
EDUC5925MTeacher Education for TESOL
EDUC5926MThe TESOL curriculum and TESOL change
EDUC5927MAssessing Language Learning
EDUC5981MTeaching Languages to Young Learners
EDUC5991MApproaches and Contexts in TESOL
EDUC5992MIntroduction to Second Language Acquisition
EDUC5993MTeaching Oral and Written Skills for TESOL