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Lifelong Learning Centre

Module code Module title
LLLC0002Introduction to Undergraduate Studies
LLLC0100Integrated Skills for Business Studies
LLLC0102Introduction to Accounting
LLLC0103Introduction to Human Resource Management
LLLC0104Introduction to Management
LLLC0105Introduction to Marketing
LLLC0113Mathematics and Statistics for Earth and Environment
LLLC0114Chemistry for Earth and Environmental Sciences
LLLC0116Physics and Mechanics for Earth and Environmental Sciences
LLLC0118Innovation and Enterprise
LLLC0121Image, Music and Text
LLLC0122Modernity and Post-Modernity
LLLC0123Religion, Politics and Society
LLLC0124The Renaissance
LLLC0125Biology for Interdisciplinary Sciences (1)
LLLC0126Biology for Interdisciplinary Sciences (2)
LLLC0127Chemistry for Interdisciplinary Sciences (1)
LLLC0128Chemistry for Interdisciplinary Sciences (2)
LLLC0131Applied Maths for Biologists and Chemists (2)
LLLC0132Applied Maths for Engineers and Physicists (1)
LLLC0133Applied Maths for Engineers and Physicists (2)
LLLC0134Physics and Mechanics for Interdisciplinary Sciences (1)
LLLC0137Environmental Chemistry
LLLC0138Biology for International Foundation Year (1)
LLLC0139Biology for International Foundation Year (2)
LLLC0141Applied Maths for Biologists and Chemists (1)
LLLC0142Geology and Environment - a U.K. Perspective
LLLC0145Applied Information Literacy
LLLC0148Understanding Child Development and Learning
LLLC0149Human Biology
LLLC1040Creative Writing Workshop
LLLC1080Safeguarding Children - Family Support and Child Abuse
LLLC1216Multi-Agency Working in Child Welfare Settings
LLLC1304Islam in Western Societies
LLLC1321Women, Culture and Islam
LLLC1341Study Skills for Management
LLLC1342Managing the External Environment
LLLC1343Managing Financial Resources
LLLC1344Managing People
LLLC1354Sufism: Introduction to the Mystic Tradition in Islam
LLLC1356Principles of Islamic Law
LLLC1359Global Conversations
LLLC1360Business Finance
LLLC1361Business Simulation
LLLC1363Introduction to Economics
LLLC1364Mathematics and Statistics for Managers
LLLC1365Work Experience
LLLC1367Introduction to Islam
LLLC1368Skills, Theoretical Perspectives and Practice in Children and Young People's Welfare
LLLC1369An Introduction to Childhood and Child Development
LLLC1370Children, Young People and Families, Policy Development
LLLC1371Arabic 1
LLLC1372Key Texts in Islam
LLLC1373Islamic History and Civilisation
LLLC1374Arabic 2
LLLC1376Skills and Processes of Learning
LLLC1378Business Ethics
LLLC1379Culture and Diversity
LLLC1380Health, Well-being and the Common Good
LLLC1382Research Project (1)
LLLC1383Research Methods for Business and Management
LLLC1385Teaching Skills for Support Staff
LLLC1387Accounting for Non-Specialists
LLLC1388Intermediate Arabic
LLLC1389Introduction into Islamic Philosophy
LLLC1391Inclusion and Special Educational Needs
LLLC1392The Changing World of Work
LLLC2060Child Welfare - Research, Policy and Practice
LLLC2061Supporting Families? Analysing the Theory and Practice of Family Support
LLLC2202Curriculum and Assessment in Teaching and Learning
LLLC2209Child and Family Health Care
LLLC2211Management of Self and Others in Family Support Settings
LLLC2219Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace
LLLC2222Violent and Sexually Offending Young People
LLLC2223The Application of Counselling Skills in Learning Settings
LLLC2228Using Stories to Develop Learning
LLLC2231Special Educational Needs and Inclusion
LLLC2239Writing Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
LLLC2241Managing Human Resources
LLLC2244Quantitative Decision Making
LLLC2245Work Based Project
LLLC2248Script Writing
LLLC2250Project Management
LLLC2251Work based Professional Practice Project
LLLC2254Global Issues: Global Thinking
LLLC2255Contemporary Thinking and it's Impact
LLLC2256Professional Studies: Designing Futures
LLLC2257Research Project (2)
LLLC2258Understanding Education Research
LLLC3801Dissertation for Early Childhood Studies
LLLC3942Leadership for Learning in Community and Educational Settings
LLLC3945An Introduction to Autism
LLLC3948Issues in Professional Practice
LLLC3949Extended Research Project
LLLC3951Involving Parents/Carers in Learning
LLLC3952Researching the Learning and Teaching Sector
LLLC3953Advanced Creative Writing Project
LLLC3954Leadership and Management in Work With Children and Families
LLLC3955Advanced Work-Based Learning
LLLC3956Child and Family Studies: Research Methods
LLLC3958Contemporary Issues and Debates in Child and Family Studies
LLLC3961Contemporary Issues and Debates in Early Childhood Studies
LLLC3965Storytelling in Videogames
LLLC3966Who do you think you are? Exploring Learning Identities