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Module code Module title
MATH0111Elementary Differential Calculus (Version 1)
MATH0212Elementary Integral Calculus (Version 1)
MATH0360Introduction to Applied Mathematics 1
MATH0365Foundation Probability and Statistics
MATH0370Introduction to Applied Mathematics 2
MATH0380Foundation Applied Mathematics for Business
MATH1012Mathematics 2
MATH1025Number Systems
MATH1026Sets, Sequences and Series
MATH1050Calculus and Mathematical Analysis
MATH1055Numbers and Vectors
MATH1060Introductory Linear Algebra
MATH1225Introduction to Geometry
MATH1400Modelling with Differential Equations
MATH1510Financial Mathematics 1
MATH1710Probability and Statistics I
MATH2026Rings, Fields and Polynomials
MATH2040Mathematical Logic 1
MATH2051Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
MATH2080Further Linear Algebra
MATH2210Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MATH2340The Mathematics of Music
MATH2365Vector Calculus
MATH2391Nonlinear Differential Equations
MATH2410Special Relativity
MATH2515Financial Mathematics 2
MATH2525Financial Mathematics 3
MATH2620Fluid Dynamics 1
MATH2640Introduction to Optimisation
MATH2650Calculus of Variations
MATH2715Statistical Methods
MATH2735Statistical Modelling
MATH2740Environmental Statistics
MATH2750Introduction to Markov Processes
MATH2775Survival Analysis
MATH3015History of Mathematics
MATH3021Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics
MATH3033Graph Theory
MATH3044Number Theory
MATH3071Groups and Symmetry
MATH3104Proof and Computation
MATH3113Differential Geometry
MATH3120Models and Sets
MATH3193Algebras and Representations
MATH3215Hilbert Spaces and Fourier Analysis
MATH3232Transformation Geometry
MATH3396Dynamical Systems
MATH3424Introduction to Entropy in the Physical World
MATH3458Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
MATH3491Discrete Systems and Integrability
MATH3510Actuarial Mathematics 1
MATH3520Actuarial Mathematics 2
MATH3565Mathematical Biology
MATH3620Fluid Dynamics 2
MATH3723Statistical Theory
MATH3733Stochastic Financial Modelling
MATH3772Multivariate Analysis
MATH3802Time Series
MATH3820Bayesian Statistics
MATH3823Generalised Linear Models
MATH5015MLinear Analysis 1
MATH5021MPhilosophy of Logic and Mathematics
MATH5104MAdvanced Proof and Computation
MATH5113MAdvanced Differential Geometry
MATH5120MAdvanced Models and Sets
MATH5246MFields and Galois Theory
MATH5315MApplied Statistics and Probability
MATH5320MDiscrete Time Finance
MATH5325MModels in Actuarial Science
MATH5330MContinuous Time Finance
MATH5335MResearch Methods in Financial Mathematics
MATH5340MRisk Management
MATH5350MComputations in Finance
MATH5360MOptimisation Methods for Finance
MATH5424MAdvanced Entropy in the Physical World
MATH5492MAdvanced Discrete Systems and Integrability
MATH5566MAdvanced Mathematical Biology
MATH5745MMultivariate Methods
MATH5772MMultivariate and Cluster Analysis
MATH5802MTime Series and Spectral Analysis
MATH5820MBayesian Statistics and Causality
MATH5824MGeneralised Linear and Additive Models
MATH5835MStatistical Computing