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Chemical and Process Engineering

Module code Module title
AVIA1000Technical Skills and Applications
AVIA1010Aviation Engineering Materials
AVIA1020Theoretical Knowledge for the Private Pilots Licence
AVIA2010Aviation Project Management and Finance
AVIA2020Aviation Health and Safety
AVIA2050Aviation Management Project
AVIA3000Aircraft 2
AVIA3010Aviation Safety and Reliability
CAPE1000Technical Skills and Applications
CAPE1020Engineering Science 1
CAPE1040Mathematical Techniques 1
CAPE1720Materials Science and Engineering
CAPE2020Safety, Health and Environment
CAPE2710Materials Synthesis and Characterisation
CAPE3601Drilling and Production Technology
CAPE3700Structural Materials
CAPE3701Biomaterials and Applications
CAPE5400MPollution Sampling and Analysis
CAPE5410MEnergy Management and Conservation
CAPE5500MFire Safety Design
CAPE5520MFire Dynamics and Modelling
CAPE5530MFire and Explosion Investigation
CAPE5550MFire and Safety Law
CAPE5601MDrilling and Production Technology
CAPE5705MPhase Transformations and Microstructural Control
CAPE5720MStructure-Property Relationships
CAPE5790MExtractive Metallurgy
CAPE5990MCFD Software