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Module code Module title
MUSS1020Understanding Music
MUSS1110Music Research Skills
MUSS1520Introduction to the Sciences of Music
MUSS1813The Best of Broadway
MUSS1815The Guitar and its Musics
MUSS1820Musical Encounters
MUSS1824Film Music: From Text to Interpretation
MUSS2020Interpreting Music
MUSS2321Performance for Visiting Music Students
MUSS2340BMus Performance
MUSS2420Notation and Editing
MUSS2620Music Technology Skills and Techniques
MUSS2721Music in Context A
MUSS2722Music in Context B
MUSS2725Music, Culture, Politics: the Sixties
MUSS2820Music in Practice
MUSS2823Music in Practice
MUSS2920The Psychology of Listening and Performance
MUSS2925Music Students into Schools
MUSS3440Editing and Source Studies
MUSS3721Music in Context C
MUSS3722Music in Context D
MUSS3940Music Psychology
MUSS5165MMusic and Management Project
MUSS5330MInstrumental or Vocal Recital
MUSS5335MConcerto/Song-Cycle/Extended Work
MUSS5360MInstrumental or Vocal Recital
MUSS5530MIssues in Critical Musicology
MUSS5632MElectronic & Computer Music Practice
MUSS5633MElectronic & Computer Music Contexts
MUSS5830MLive Music Management and Promotion
MUSS5931MCase Studies in the Applied Psychology of Music
MUSS5932MResearch Techniques in the Applied Psychology of Music