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Performance and Cultural Industries

Module code Module title
PECI1101Performance Perspectives
PECI1102Collaborative Processes
PECI1401Elements of Scenography
PECI1402Performance Design Process
PECI1501Processes of Performance 1: Foundations
PECI1502Processes of Performance 2: Methodologies
PECI1602Stage Management
PECI1606Exploring the Musical
PECI2101Strategies for Research
PECI2102Collaborative Performance Project
PECI2301Managing in Arts Organisations
PECI2302Arts Marketing
PECI2401Image-based Performance
PECI2403Design Presentation
PECI2405Theatre, Technology and Performance
PECI2503Processes of Performance 4: Contexts
PECI2506Performer Training in the C20th and C21st
PECI2507Modernism and Postmodernism in Performance
PECI2608Exploring Musical Theatre
PECI3106Performance Project
PECI3107Enterprise Project
PECI3207Choreography 3: Experiments in Performance
PECI3301Strategic Arts Management
PECI3401Scenographic Scheme
PECI5101MResearch Perspectives
PECI5207MArts Management and Cultural Leadership
PECI5208MCultural Policy: Models and Debates
PECI5304MPerformance Contexts
PECI5402MStory Workshop
PECI5403MWriting for Theatre and Radio
PECI5404MWriting for Film and Television