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Performance and Cultural Industries

Module code Module title
PECI1101Performance Perspectives
PECI1102Collaborative Processes
PECI1501Processes of Performance 1: Foundations
PECI1502Processes of Performance 2: Methodologies
PECI1706Managing Festivals and Events
PECI1707Exploring the Performing Arts
PECI1708Exploring the Musical
PECI1709Stage Management
PECI2101Strategies for Research
PECI2102Collaborative Performance Project
PECI2301Managing in Arts Organisations
PECI2302Arts Marketing
PECI2401Image-based Performance
PECI2403Design Presentation
PECI2503Processes of Performance 4: Contexts
PECI2506Performer Training in the C20th and C21st
PECI2507Modernism and Postmodernism in Performance
PECI2608Exploring Musical Theatre
PECI3106Performance Project
PECI3107Enterprise Project
PECI3109Contemporary Issues in the Cultural Industries
PECI3301Strategic Arts Management
PECI3401Scenographic Scheme
PECI5101MResearch Perspectives
PECI5106MPerformance and Collaborative Enterprise
PECI5207MArts Management and Cultural Leadership
PECI5208MCultural Policy: Models and Debates
PECI5302MContemporary Performance Practices
PECI5304MPerformance Contexts
PECI5402MStory Workshop
PECI5403MWriting for Theatre and Radio
PECI5404MWriting for Film and Television