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Politics and International Studies

Module code Module title
PIED1000Studying and Researching in POLIS
PIED1100British Politics
PIED1110Comparative Politics
PIED1201Global Development Challenges
PIED1212Making of the Modern World
PIED1511International Politics
PIED1551Power and Conflict - an Introduction
PIED1601Freedom, Power and Resistance: An Introduction to Political Ideas
PIED1806Contemporary Africas: Politics, Society and the Environment
PIED2126The Conservative Party Since 1945
PIED2139The Labour Party Since 1945
PIED2201Development Approaches
PIED2205Development Practice
PIED2220North-South Linkages
PIED2301Politics and Policy in the EU
PIED2403Comparative Politics of Pacific Asia
PIED2448Politics of Contemporary China
PIED2455State and Politics in Africa
PIED2463United States Politics
PIED2464United States Politics
PIED2501Theories of International Relations
PIED2558Security Studies
PIED2601Revolution and Reaction: Political Problems in the 20th Century
PIED2602Justice, Community and Conflict
PIED2702Introduction to Comparative Public Policy
PIED2706The UK Parliament: Between Tradition and Reform
PIED2711Analysing Data in Politics, Development and International Relations
PIED2721Approaches to Analysis
PIED3158British Foreign Policy
PIED3170The End of British Politics?
PIED3171The Politics of national identity in the UK
PIED3172Parliaments and the Public
PIED3206The Politics of Aid
PIED3207International Development and Social Policy
PIED3261Violence and Reconciliation in Africa
PIED3302Extreme Right Parties in Contemporary Europe
PIED3310Britain and the EU
PIED3325Europe in the World
PIED3402American Foreign Policy
PIED3403Politics of Islamism
PIED3405Israel: Politics and Society
PIED3407Israel: Politics and Society
PIED3502The Responsibility to Protect and to Prosecute
PIED3503Crisis Diplomacy: Coercion, Sanctions and the Use of Force in International Relations
PIED3505Dirty War: Insurgency, the State and Cities
PIED3565Terrorism: Concepts, Debates, Cases
PIED3603Political Psychology: on Authority and Obedience
PIED3608Philosophy of Human Rights
PIED3609Radical Political Ideas: Marx, Nietzsche, Schmitt, Foucault, Kristeva
PIED3617Reimagining Politics: Gender, Race, and Popular Culture
PIED3704Advanced Statistical Analysis
PIED3760Dissertation Joint Honours
PIED3810Video Games: Politics, Society and Culture
PIED5210MAfrica in the Contemporary World
PIED5213MConflict, Complex Emergencies and Global Governance
PIED5235MEducation in Development
PIED5255MGender, Globalisation and Development
PIED5256MGlobal Inequalities and Development
PIED5323MEuropean Defence and Security Analysis
PIED5400MThe Rise of China
PIED5405MAmerican Foreign Policy
PIED5410MContemporary Politics of the Middle East
PIED5501MThe Politics of the Israel-Palestine Conflict
PIED5523MInternational Political Economy
PIED5537MPolicing Post-Conflict Cities
PIED5547MPopular Culture: World politics, Society and Culture
PIED5562MInternational Relations and the Environment
PIED5578MTheoretical Approaches in International Relations
PIED5598MCivil War and Intrastate Conflict
PIED5601MPolitical Theory in Action
PIED5626MGlobal Justice
PIED5702MAdvanced Political Analysis
PIED5703MComparative Public Policy
PIED5764MDevelopment Management Techniques
PIED5766MResearch Methodology for Development
PIED5777MPOLIS MA Dissertation
PIED5779MResearch Methods