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Sociology and Social Policy

Module code Module title
SLSP1110Introduction to Race and Ethnicity
SLSP1170Understanding and Researching Contemporary Society
SLSP1180Crime and Deviance
SLSP1200Sociology of Modern Societies
SLSP1210Formations of Modernity
SLSP2010Sociology and Social Policy Research Methods
SLSP2031Drugs: Society, Politics and Policy
SLSP2050The Sociology of Gender
SLSP2060Sociology of Health and Illness
SLSP2084Racism and Ethnicity Studies: A Global Approach
SLSP2131Welfare and Crime: Continuity, Conflict and Change
SLSP2141Race, Gender and Culture
SLSP2160Tourism and Culture
SLSP2730Central Problems in Sociology
SLSP3041Sociology Dissertation
SLSP3042Sociology Dissertation for Joint Honours
SLSP3051Social Policy Dissertation
SLSP3052Social Policy Dissertation for Joint Honours
SLSP3055Critical Mixed Race Studies - Global Perspectives
SLSP3085Governing Cultures, Identities and Emotions
SLSP3101Postcolonialism and Critical Muslim Studies
SLSP3160Education, Culture and Society
SLSP3200Dissertation in Crime
SLSP3211State Crime and Immorality
SLSP5102MResearch Strategy and Design
SLSP5110MQuantitative Research Methods
SLSP5113MAdvanced Racism and Ethnicity Studies
SLSP5117MIssues in Social Policy Analysis and Research
SLSP5142MGlobalization and International Social Change
SLSP5216MSocial Policy, Politics and Disabled People
SLSP5230MDisability and Development
SLSP5234MFrom Conception to the Grave: Health in a Global Context
SLSP5235M'Race', Identity and Culture in the Black Atlantic
SLSP5602MSocial Policy, Politics and Disabled People (DL)
SLSP5603MCulture, Researching Disability and Changing Practice (DL)