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Sport and Exercise Sciences

Module code Module title
SPSC1031Motor Control: Foundations of Control and Learning
SPSC1107Functional Anatomy for Sports Scientists
SPSC1211Tutorial and Practical Skills in Sport and Exercise Science
SPSC1213Fundamentals of Mathematics
SPSC1216Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
SPSC1218Introduction to Biomechanics
SPSC1220Foundations of Physiology
SPSC1221Cardio-respiratory Physiology and Exercise
SPSC1222Neuroscience for Exercise Science
SPSC2031Motor Control: The Learning Environment
SPSC2115Social Psychology of Sport and Exercise
SPSC2213Mechanics of Sport and Exercise 1
SPSC2218Professional and Research Skills: Working as a Sport and Exercise Scientist
SPSC2240Human Motor Development
SPSC2304Mechanics of Sport and Exercise 2
SPSC2308Motor Control: Learning and Implications for Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation
SPSC2315Social and Applied Psychology of Sport and Exercise
SPSC3315Movement Analysis
SPSC3316Mechanics of Sport and Performance
SPSC3318Exercise and Psychological Health
SPSC3321Advanced Exercise Physiology
SPSC3328Sport Medicine, Health and Nutrition