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Transport Studies

Module code Module title
TRAN1011Challenges in Transport and Mobility
TRAN1021Transport Policy in Action
TRAN1030Introduction to Surface and Air Transport
TRAN1040Global to Local: Challenges in Transport and Mobility
TRAN2010Transport Economics
TRAN2020Transport Land Use and Development
TRAN2062Transport and Society
TRAN2063Key Challenges in Transport and Society
TRAN2064Exploring Transport and Society
TRAN3031Public Transport Policy and Practice
TRAN3040Physical Distribution and Logistics
TRAN3052Case Studies in Sustainable Transport
TRAN3060Travel Activity and Social Analysis
TRAN3070Healthy Cities: Transport and Health
TRAN5013MUnderstanding Travel Behaviour
TRAN5014MEnvironmental Science and Sustainability for Transport
TRAN5015MShaping Future Transport Systems
TRAN5020MPrinciples of Transport Modelling
TRAN5050MPrinciples of Transport Economics
TRAN5060MWelfare Economics and Cost-Benefit Analysis
TRAN5072MPrinciples of Transport Engineering
TRAN5162MGreen Logistics
TRAN5171MAnalysing Transport and Society
TRAN5181MPublic Transport Planning and Management
TRAN5191MSystem Dynamics: Modelling Policy
TRAN5241MRoad Geometry and Infrastructure
TRAN5271MEconomics of Regulation
TRAN5282MChoice Modelling and Stated Preference Survey Design
TRAN5300MConcepts and Mathematics for Modelling Transport Systems
TRAN5691MTransport and Urban Pollution
TRAN5750MTransport in Development
TRAN5946MDeterioration and Maintenance of Pavements
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