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Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Module code Module title
ARAB1001Beginning Arabic 1
ARAB1002Beginning Arabic 2
ARAB1003Persian for Beginners
ARAB1006Turkish for Beginners
ARAB1015Arabic for Beginners
ARAB1030Introduction to Arab and Islamic Civilisation
ARAB1150Early and Medieval Islamic History
ARAB1170Studying the Middle East: Culture, History, Politics and Religion
ARAB2007Arabic for Beginners 2
ARAB2010Advanced Arabic Grammar and Translation
ARAB2011Advanced Arabic Grammar and Translation
ARAB2015The Shari?a: Theory, Practice, Transformations
ARAB2020Essential Skills in Practical Arabic
ARAB2021Essential Skills in Practical Arabic
ARAB2091Arab Media, Politics and Society
ARAB2092Arab Media, Politics and Society
ARAB2290Modern Middle Eastern History
ARAB2310Modern Middle Eastern History
ARAB2330The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Middle East
ARAB3020Advanced Skills in Arabic Language
ARAB3072Islam and Modernity
ARAB3110Middle Eastern Politics: Regimes, Societies and Conflict
ARAB3888Advanced Media Arabic: Translation Skills in Text Typology