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Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies

Module code Module title
ARTF0010Art and Cultural History
ARTF1014Elements of Visual Culture I
ARTF1045A Story of Art? 1
ARTF1046A Story of Art? 2
ARTF1047The English Country House: Making and Meaning
ARTF1048Introduction to Museum and Art Gallery Studies
ARTF1202Approaches to Living Histories and Heritage
ARTF2044Cinema and Culture
ARTF2051Seeing in Asia
ARTF2052Showing Asia
ARTF2055Variant Modernism
ARTF2058Home, Exile and Displacement - Histories and Representations of Belonging in the 20th Century
ARTF2064Live Issues and Contemporary Art Practice
ARTF2069The Art Market: Moments, Methodologies, Meanings
ARTF2072Art History and Art Historiography
ARTF2092The Museum
ARTF2094Art, Power and Portraiture
ARTF2126Danish Golden Age Painting
ARTF2200Borromini and the Roman Baroque: Skill, Knowledge, and Material?s Potential
ARTF3014Making Sense of Sound
ARTF3034From Trauma to Cultural Memory: The Unfinished Business of Representation and the Holocaust
ARTF3051Sins, Sinisters and Sciapods: The Margins of Medieval Art
ARTF3054Anthropology, Art and Representation
ARTF3056Unmaking Things: Materials and Ideas in the European Renaissance
ARTF3059Critical approaches to photography
ARTF3063Postcolonial Feminisms
ARTF3077Humanity, Animality and Globality
ARTF3101The Origins of Postcolonial England
ARTF3168Africa and the Atlantic World: History, Historiography and the Visual Arts
ARTF3173Movies, Migrants and Diasporas
ARTF5009MMaking Sense of Sound
ARTF5016MMA History of Art Core Course
ARTF5031MUnfinished Business: Trauma, Cultural Memory and the Holocaust
ARTF5051MIntersecting Practices: Questioning the Intersection of Contemporary Art and Heritage
ARTF5059MCritical Approaches to Photography
ARTF5073MThe Origins of Postcolonial England
ARTF5195MUnmaking Things: Materials and Ideas in the European Renaissance
ARTF5254MCritical Issues
ARTF5255MHistory and the Museum: Representation, Narrative and Memory