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Biological Sciences

Module code Module title
BIOL1112The Molecules of Life
BIOL1302Introductory Skills for Biological Sciences
BIOL1303Introductory Skills for Biotechnology
BIOL2111Genetic Engineering
BIOL2112Genes and Genomes
BIOL2210Biological Membranes and Cell Signalling
BIOL2211Human Diseases
BIOL2301Intermediate Skills for Biological Sciences
BIOL2303Intermediate Skills for Biotechnology
BIOL2305Integrated Skills for Biosciences 2
BIOL3215Cancer Biology
BIOL5132MTissue Engineering
BIOL5146MAdvanced Immunology
BIOL5152MTopics in Plant Science
BIOL5181MManufacturing Biopharmaceuticals
BIOL5267MBiopharmaceutical Development: Clinical
BIOL5269MCommercialising Biopharmaceutical Products
BIOL5291MShort Bioscience Research or Literature Project
BIOL5294MMSc Bioscience Research Project Proposal