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Module code Module title
BLGY1124The Diversity of Life
BLGY1128Living Planet
BLGY1211Applied Biology and Agriculture
BLGY1232Introduction to Genetics
BLGY1234Practical Genetics
BLGY1236Practical Applied Biology
BLGY2100Enhanced Study Skills for Biologists
BLGY2142Animal Nutrition and Metabolism
BLGY2144Population and Community Ecology
BLGY2163How Plants Work
BLGY2175Human Populations
BLGY2192Experimental Design and Analysis
BLGY2201Introduction to Bioinformatics
BLGY2222Animal Behaviour
BLGY2223Organismal Evolution
BLGY2262Animal Developmental Biology
BLGY2330Terrestrial Ecology and Behaviour Field Course
BLGY3110Applied Genetics
BLGY3122Social Insect Biology
BLGY3133Advanced Topics in Ecology
BLGY3246Evolution and Population Genetics
BLGY3247Advanced Topics in Conservation Science
BLGY3251Animal Developmental Biology
BLGY3273Animal Nutrition Science
BLGY5102MCommunity Ecology
BLGY5104MConservation Genetics
BLGY5111MMRes Biodiversity and Conservation Skills II
BLGY5112MAdvanced Statistics
BLGY5117MIntroduction to GIS Skills for Ecologists
BLGY5118MPopulation Dynamics
BLGY5166MInsect Identification Skills