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Biomedical Sciences

Module code Module title
BMSC1210Biology of the Mind
BMSC1212Introduction to Pharmacology
BMSC1214Human Endocrinology
BMSC1301Introductory Academic, Experimental and Professional Skills
BMSC2123Sensory and Motor Neuroscience
BMSC2124Neurotransmitters and Disease
BMSC2125Molecular Pharmacology
BMSC2126The Imprinted Brain
BMSC2225Physiology of Absorption and Excretion
BMSC2235Molecular Neuroscience
BMSC2310Intermediate Skills for Professional and Academic Development
BMSC2341Experimental Skills in Pharmacology
BMSC3101Inherited Disorders
BMSC3145Advanced Topics in Human Physiology I
BMSC3148Drug Discovery and Development
BMSC3302Medical Pharmacology
BMSC5301MAdvanced Research Topics