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Module code Module title
CHEM0811Elementary General and Inorganic Chemistry (IFY)
CHEM0831Elementary Organic Chemistry (IFY)
CHEM1100Science & Society: An Ethical View
CHEM1181Mathematics for Chemists
CHEM1201Chemistry 2: Energy, Structure and Transformation
CHEM1202Chemistry 2A: Energy and Structure
CHEM1203Chemistry 2B: structure and transformation
CHEM1810Elementary General and Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM2111Structure and Synthesis of Materials
CHEM2141Introduction to Organic Synthesis
CHEM2152Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics
CHEM2190Structure and Spectroscopy
CHEM2200Science and Society: The Critical Interface
CHEM2215Introduction to Drug Design
CHEM2241Organic Structure and Mechanism
CHEM2252Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
CHEM2270Organometallic and f-block Chemistry
CHEM2290Equilibrium and Analysis: from Ions to Proteins
CHEM3131Chemical Bonding and Reactivity
CHEM3145The Medicinal Chemistry of Drug Development
CHEM3180Organic Synthesis
CHEM3185Atmospheric Chemistry
CHEM3190Chromatography and Analytical Separation
CHEM3211Properties and Applications of Materials
CHEM3246Soft Matter: Self-Assembling and Polymeric Materials
CHEM3261Fundamental Supramolecular Chemistry
CHEM5600MAdvanced Topics in Chemistry 60 Credit
CHEM5601MAdvanced Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 60 Credit
CHEM5602MAdvanced Topics in Chemical Biology (40 Credit)
CHEM5603MAdvanced Topics in Chemical Biology (30 Credit)
CHEM5604MAdvanced Topics in Chemistry (40 Credit)
CHEM5605MAdvanced Topics in Chemistry (30 Credit)
CHEM5606MAdvanced Topics in Chemistry (20 Credit)
CHEM5607MAdvanced Topics in Chemistry (10 Credits)
CHEM5608MAdvanced Topics in Chemistry (15 Credits)
CHEM5610MAdvanced Topics in Chemistry
CHEM5622MAdvanced Topics in Chemistry (10 Credits)
CHEM5702MProperties and Applications of (Nano)Materials