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Civil Engineering

Module code Module title
CIVE1160Architecture and Environment
CIVE1260Engineering Surveying and Construction Technology
CIVE1360Structural Design and Analysis
CIVE1460Properties of Materials: Water, Soil, Steel and Timber
CIVE1560Engineering Mathematics and Modelling 1
CIVE1665Integrated Design Project 1 (inc Design Studio 1)
CIVE2081Transport Planning and Modelling 1
CIVE2150Structural Design 1
CIVE2250Sustainable Engineering Solutions
CIVE2260Architectural History and Theory 2
CIVE2301Civil Engineering Materials II
CIVE2550Highway Engineering
CIVE2560Engineering Mathematics and Modelling 2
CIVE2660Integrated Design Project 2
CIVE2815Building Physics 1: Fundamental Principles
CIVE2860Design Studio 2
CIVE2910Introduction to Project Management
CIVE3081Transport Planning and Modelling 2
CIVE3165Structural Design 2
CIVE3261Management of Schedule, Cost and Quality in Projects
CIVE3390Structural Analysis 2
CIVE3415Water Engineering
CIVE3420Wastewater Engineering
CIVE3460Environmental Health Engineering in Developing Countries
CIVE3510Foundation Engineering Fundamentals
CIVE3555Highway Engineering 2
CIVE3650Computational Methods for Civil Engineering
CIVE5013MDesign and Management of Structures in Earthquake Zones
CIVE5025MAdvanced Concrete Design - MEng
CIVE5026MDeterioration and Maintenance of Concrete Structures (MEng)
CIVE5145MAdvanced Steel and Composite Design
CIVE5160MGeotechnical Investigation and Characterisation
CIVE5161MEnergy Geotechnics
CIVE5170MInternational Construction Management and Engineering/ Engineering Project Management Dissertation
CIVE5181MProject Management
CIVE5190MAdvanced Project Management
CIVE5230MPeople, Organisation and Funding
CIVE5233MRisk Management
CIVE5275MManagement, Practice, and Law
CIVE5315MWater Resource Management
CIVE5316MWater Resource Management
CIVE5321MWater Supply
CIVE5334MRailway Track Infrastructure Design
CIVE5338MTransport Resilience
CIVE5360MProcurement Management
CIVE5451MConstituent Materials of Concrete
CIVE5452MCement and Concrete Properties
CIVE5453MTesting, Quality Assurance, Repair and Maintenance of Concrete Structures
CIVE5455MIndependent Research Project
CIVE5535MAdvanced Wastewater Management
CIVE5574MGroundwater Pollution and Contaminated Land
CIVE5575MGroundwater Pollution and Contaminated Land
CIVE5670MGeotechnical Engineering
CIVE5671MGeotechnical Engineering (MSc)
CIVE5815MBuilding Physics 3
CIVE5840MDesign Studio 4.1
CIVE5941MWhole Life Asset Management
CIVE5960MAdvanced Structural Analysis
CIVE5964MValue Management
CIVE5970MAdvanced Structural Analysis (MSc/PGD)
CIVE5972MAdvanced Concrete Design (MSc)
CIVE5975MFoundation Engineering (MSc)
CIVE5977MAdvanced Steel and Composite Design - (MSc)