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Module code Module title
CLAS1100Ancient Lives
CLAS1200Intermediate Ancient Greek
CLAS1300The Greek World: an Introduction
CLAS1400The Roman World: An Introduction
CLAS1610After Troy: Homecoming in Greek Epic and Tragedy
CLAS1620Latin Literature: Republic and Empire
CLAS1650Introduction to Classical Archaeology
CLAS1810Beginners Ancient Greek
CLAS1910Beginners Latin
CLAS2200Intermediate Ancient Greek (Level 2)
CLAS2220Classical Receptions in the Brotherton Archives and Special Collections
CLAS2250The Athenian Empire
CLAS2360Ovid the Innovator
CLAS2370Satyrs and Donkeys: The Latin Novel (Level 2 module)
CLAS2420Augustus and his Legacy
CLAS2460Subversive Desires: Roman Love Elegy
CLAS2600Virgil's Aeneid
CLAS2680Greek Art and Society
CLAS2700Homer's Iliad
CLAS2790Greek Tragedy
CLAS2800Evidence and Enquiry in Classics
CLAS2810Beginners Ancient Greek (Level 2)
CLAS2900Ancient Empires: Power and Control
CLAS2910Beginners Latin (Level 2)
CLAS2920Plato's Republic
CLAS2990Edge of Empire
CLAS3220Classical Receptions in the Brotherton Archives and Special Collections
CLAS3230Intermediate Ancient Greek (Level 3)
CLAS3250The Athenian Empire
CLAS3360Ovid the Innovator
CLAS3370Satyrs and Donkeys: The Latin Novel
CLAS3420Augustus and his Legacy
CLAS3460Subversive Desires: Roman Love Elegy
CLAS3680Greek Art and Society
CLAS3790Greek Tragedy
CLAS3815Beginners Ancient Greek (Level 3)
CLAS3910Plato's Republic
CLAS3915Beginners Latin (Level 3)
CLAS3990Edge of Empire
CLAS5110MBeginners Ancient Greek
CLAS5175MIntermediate Ancient Greek
CLAS5200MBeginners Latin
CLAS5500MPrinciples and Practices of Research in Classics
CLAS5700MUsing The Past