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Communications Studies

Module code Module title
COMM0010Introduction to Studying Media and Communication
COMM1210The History of Communication
COMM1230Introduction to Media and Communication Research
COMM1305Introduction to Journalism
COMM1320Journalism, Politics and Society
COMM1330Camera and Editing for Journalists
COMM1350Introduction to Media Law and Regulation
COMM1625Camera and Editing
COMM1700Understanding Digital Media
COMM1730Interface Design
COMM1790Design for Digital Media
COMM1830Introduction to Cinema
COMM1860Photographic Practices
COMM1890Screen Narrative
COMM1950Power, Politics and the Media
COMM1960Studying Media
COMM1970Introduction to Media and Communication Theory
COMM2125Visual Communication
COMM2145Technology in Communication and Media
COMM2300Journalism Ethics
COMM2375Issues in Journalism
COMM2410Journalism Practice
COMM2420Live Journalism Practice
COMM2560Communication Skills
COMM2655Screen Fiction
COMM2715Digital Storytelling
COMM2725Digital Cultures
COMM2754Programming for Digital Media
COMM2777Working in Digital Media Teams
COMM2780Media Policy
COMM2811Thinking Photographically: Developing Approaches to Photography
COMM2850Cinematic Themes
COMM2870Motion Graphics
COMM2890Short Film Production
COMM2910Communication Research Methods
COMM2950Media, Power and Social Justice
COMM3120Film Theory and Aesthetics
COMM3130The Documentary and Reality
COMM3180International Communication
COMM3250Feminism, Identity and Media
COMM3300Journalism Individual Project Portfolio
COMM3340The Reporting of Politics
COMM3355Journalism Placement
COMM3420The Ethnography of Speaking
COMM3715Internet Policy
COMM3780Mobile Media
COMM3790Citizen Media
COMM3795Climate Communication
COMM3801Moving Image Project
COMM3805Script Project
COMM3840Themes in Contemporary Photography
COMM3866Global migration, `race? and media
COMM3880Cinema Project
COMM3910Communication Dissertation
COMM3925War and Media
COMM3950Promotional Culture
COMM3960Creative Work in the Cultural Industries
COMM5140MMedia and Communication Theory
COMM5160MCritical Studies in Visual Communication
COMM5200MCommunication and International Affairs
COMM5235MPromotional Media, Culture and Society
COMM5250MFeminism, Identity and Media
COMM5310MMedia, Culture and Globalisation
COMM5600MDissertation and Research Methods
COMM5601MInnovations in Political Communication
COMM5615MKeywords in Political Communication
COMM5655MJournalism Practice and Policy
COMM5705MIdentity and Culture
COMM5710MThe Media Industries
COMM5720MMedia Production Analysis
COMM5730MThe Cultural History of Promotional Communication
COMM5780MDigital Practices
COMM5796MClimate Communication
COMM5800MFinal Independent Project
COMM5801MUrban Narratives
COMM5805MCultures of Contemporary Photography
COMM5825MFilm Theory and Practice
COMM5866MGlobal migration, `race? and media