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Module code Module title
DESN0010Visual Research and Drawing
DESN0020Materials, Media and Processes
DESN0030Understanding Design
DESN0040Personal Study
DESN1175Green Design and Sustainability
DESN1250Fundamentals of Imaging
DESN1355Fashion Marketing
DESN1375Fashion in Context
DESN1440Studio Practice 1A
DESN1441Studio Practice 1B
DESN1467An Introduction to Fashion Technology
DESN1468Garment Production Processes
DESN1560Design for Textiles 1B
DESN1561Design for Textiles 1C
DESN1653Research and Design Development
DESN1658Fashion Brand Analysis
DESN1661Garment Technology 1
DESN1705Drawing 1A
DESN1706Drawing 1B
DESN1815Material Culture and Mass Consumption
DESN1820Design History: 1900 to the Present day
DESN1989Graphic and Communication Media A
DESN2139New Materialism: Science and Technology Meet Art, Craft and Design
DESN2145Video Editing
DESN2150Contemporary Digital Media
DESN2170Knitted Fabric Technology for Design
DESN2265Art, Craft and Design Now: an international overview of contemporary practice
DESN2285Research Methods 1: Finding and Using Research Resources
DESN2295Research Methods 2: Research, Writing and Dissertation
DESN2350Marketing Creativity and Innovation
DESN2365Trends and Forecasting
DESN2375Fashion Promotions
DESN2405Contemporary Art and Memory
DESN2440Studio Practice 2A
DESN2441Studio Practice 2B
DESN2465Class, Taste and Society: Interpreting Designed Objects.
DESN2468Advanced Fashion Technology
DESN2469Fashion Management
DESN2500Eco-Design: Understanding Design's Role in Global Ecology
DESN2525Design for Sports and Performance Clothing
DESN2564Design for Textiles 2A
DESN2565Design for Textiles: Specialisms
DESN2615Design Management and Trends
DESN2633Colour: Art and Science
DESN2645Design Theory
DESN2653Design Development and Portfolio
DESN265820th Century Fashion
DESN2661Garment Technology 2
DESN2705Cutting edge: Collage as reconfiguring
DESN2721Book Arts
DESN2980Design Application
DESN2989Graphic and Communication Media B
DESN3139New Materialism Studio: Theory Meets Practice
DESN3150Contemporary Moving Image
DESN3342Design for Textiles 3: Visual Research and Analysis
DESN3343Design For Textiles 3: Critical Studio Journal
DESN3360Fashion Marketing Major Project - Research
DESN3370Fashion Marketing Major Project - Realisation
DESN3405Landscape, Place and Environment in Contemporary Art
DESN3440Studio Practice 3A
DESN3441Studio Practice 3B
DESN3445Time and the Image in Contemporary Art
DESN3468Business Analysis & Product Development B
DESN3559Fashion Innovation: Research and Analysis (Negotiated Project)
DESN3568Fashion Innovation: Product (Negotiated Project)
DESN3582Fashion Styling and Photography
DESN3660Independent Study Dissertation
DESN3725Information Design
DESN3770Contemporary Advertising
DESN3989Graphic and Communication Media C
DESN3994Independent Project
DESN5105MNegotiated Project
DESN5106MReflective Report
DESN5109MDigital Design Practice
DESN5120MIntegrated Communication (Design Future Society)
DESN5121MSocial Aesthetics
DESN5124MSocial Design Projects
DESN5125MDesign Futures
DESN5150MResearch Methods for Design
DESN5152MDesign Thinking
DESN5153MDesign Principles and Applications
DESN5154MDesign Research and Integration
DESN5155MInformation and Instructional Design
DESN5156MDigital and Interactive Design Solutions
DESN5158MDesign Prototyping & Evaluation
DESN5159MDesign Dissertation
DESN5162MColour Design
DESN5210MVisual Communication
DESN5230MIntegrated Communication
DESN5245MCreative Direction
DESN5300MFashion Marketing
DESN5303MFashion Communication and Photography
DESN5305MFashion Industry Analysis
DESN5312MSustainability and Fashion
DESN5313MFashion Product Development
DESN5315MDissertation ? Global Fashion Management
DESN5317MDissertation: Fashion Enterprise and Society
DESN5318MResearch Methods
DESN5319MInternationalisation in the Fashion Industry Context
DESN5322MData Analytics in Fashion Marketing-Global Fashion Management
DESN5325MGlobal Fashion Retail Management
DESN5430MService Design Innovation
TEXT5126MTextile Design Technology
TEXT5127MColour and the Design Process for Textiles
TEXT5128MDigital Printing
TEXT5134MTextile Consultancy and Management
TEXT5147MClothing Design Technology
TEXT5148MTextile Testing: Theory and Practice