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Module code Module title
DSUR0100Introduction to Dentistry and Medicine
DSUR1128Introduction to the Oral Environment
DSUR1130Anxiety and Pain Management
DSUR1146Developing Clinical Practice 1
DSUR1230Oral Diseases, Defence and Repair
DSUR1241Introduction to Clinical Skills and Practice
DSUR2000Applied Dental Hygiene
DSUR2010Clinical Skills
DSUR2118Personal and Professional Development 2
DSUR2122Social Sciences Related to Dentistry
DSUR2146Developing Clinical Practice 2
DSUR2200Clinical Skills A
DSUR2220Introduction to Biomedical Sciences
DSUR2240Clinical Practice 2
DSUR3000Applied Dental Therapy
DSUR3014Undergraduate Projects
DSUR3015Clinical Skills B
DSUR3019Child Centred Dentistry 1
DSUR3146Developing Clinical Practice 3
DSUR3210Illness and Well-being
DSUR3240Clinical Practice 3
DSUR3250Personal Professional Development 3
DSUR3310Complex Adult Dentistry
DSUR3420Anxiety Management and Sedation
DSUR5022MResearch Methods Ethics and Statistics
DSUR5028MFinal Year Project
DSUR5046MPersonal and Professional Development 4
DSUR5051MClinical Practice 5
DSUR5099MMedical Emergencies
DSUR5114MDental Radiology
DSUR5125MPaediatric Dentistry 1
DSUR5126MPaediatric Dentistry 2
DSUR5127MPaediatric Dentistry 3
DSUR5129MDental Public Health Research Project
DSUR5130MPrinciples of Dental Public Health
DSUR5175MEndodontics and Dental Traumatology
DSUR5176MAdvanced Periodontology and Restorative Dentistry
DSUR5261MClinical Practice 2: Developing and Expanding Skills
DSUR5300MFoundations of Oral Surgery
DSUR5361MClinical Practice 3
DSUR5362MClinical Audit
DSUR5363MResearch Dissertation
DSUR5380MMulti-Disciplinary Management of the Complex Case
DSUR5450MPersonal and Professional Development 5 - Preparing for the World of Work