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East Asian Studies

Module code Module title
EAST1010Basic Chinese Language 1
EAST1020Basic Chinese Language 2
EAST1052History and Culture of Early Imperial China
EAST1070Modern China
EAST1080Chinese Culture in the Twentieth Century
EAST1210Basic Japanese Language (1)
EAST1220Basic Japanese Language (2)
EAST1263Japan in War and Peace
EAST1266Japan: A Cultural History from Buddhism to Murakami Haruki
EAST1450Foundations of East Asia
EAST1500Introduction to Religious and Philosophical Texts of East Asia
EAST1550Introduction to East Asian Religions
EAST1704Basic Thai Language and Culture 2
EAST2006China Since 1979
EAST2007Japan's International Relations
EAST2008The Making of Modern Thailand
EAST2009Classics of Chinese Literature and Thought
EAST2180An Introduction to Cantonese (1)
EAST2182Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers 1
EAST2190An Introduction to Cantonese (2)
EAST2212Japanese 2A: Written Communication Skills
EAST2213Japanese 2C: Written Communication Skills
EAST2222Japanese 2B: Spoken Communication Skills
EAST2223Japanese 2D: Spoken Communication Skills
EAST2300Intermediate Japanese (1)
EAST2305Intermediate Japanese 2
EAST2470Japanese Literature in Translation: Gender and Sexuality in Modern Japan
EAST2550Intermediate Chinese (1)
EAST2705Intermediate Thai Language and Culture 2
EAST3051Modern Documentary Chinese: Politics and Law
EAST3052Modern Documentary Chinese: Society and Development
EAST3070Contemporary Chinese Literature
EAST3120Classical Chinese
EAST3140Chinese Society
EAST3286Advanced Japanese in Context: Culture and Identity
EAST3350Japanese Cinema in the World
EAST3602Sino-Japanese Relations: Past and Present
EAST3604Korea: Politics, Economy and International Relations
EAST3703South East Asia in the Global Context
EAST3707Buddhism: A Lived Tradition
EAST3733Advanced Thai language and Culture II
EAST5013MChinese Politics
EAST5120MBasic Chinese Language 1
EAST5130MBasic Japanese Language (1)
EAST5135MBasic Japanese Language (2)
EAST5242MIntermediate Japanese II
EAST5245MIntermediate Japanese (1)
EAST5320MModern Documentary Chinese: Politics and Law