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East Asian Studies

Module code Module title
EAST1020Basic Chinese Language 2
EAST1065China in East Asian History
EAST1210Basic Japanese Language (1)
EAST1220Basic Japanese Language (2)
EAST1269Japanese Culture and Society
EAST1450Foundations of East Asia
EAST1550Introduction to East Asian Religions
EAST1703Basic Thai Language and Culture 1
EAST1704Basic Thai Language and Culture 2
EAST2008The Making of Modern Thailand
EAST2126Classical Chinese
EAST2180An Introduction to Cantonese (1)
EAST2182Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers 1
EAST2190An Introduction to Cantonese (2)
EAST2212Japanese 2A: Written Communication Skills
EAST2213Japanese 2C: Written Communication Skills
EAST2222Japanese 2B: Spoken Communication Skills
EAST2223Japanese 2D: Spoken Communication Skills
EAST2300Intermediate Japanese (1)
EAST2305Intermediate Japanese 2
EAST2550Intermediate Chinese (1)
EAST2705Intermediate Thai Language and Culture 2
EAST3012Chinese Oral and Performance Traditions
EAST3051Modern Documentary Chinese: Politics and Law
EAST3052Modern Documentary Chinese: Society and Development
EAST3070Contemporary Chinese Literature
EAST3120Classical Chinese
EAST3284Advanced Japanese in Context 4: Literature
EAST3285Japanese 3: Advanced Communication Skills
EAST3350Japanese Cinema in the World
EAST3355Death and Religion in Japan
EAST3602Sino-Japanese Relations: Past and Present
EAST3703South East Asia in the Global Context
EAST3707Buddhism: A Lived Tradition
EAST5037MTransnational East Asian Cinemas
EAST5039MContemporary Japan in Ethnographies
EAST5070MApproaching China Through Ethnography
EAST5130MBasic Japanese Language (1)
EAST5135MBasic Japanese Language (2)
EAST5242MIntermediate Japanese II
EAST5245MIntermediate Japanese (1)
EAST5320MModern Documentary Chinese: Politics and Law