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Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Module code Module title
ELEC1130Circuit Analysis and Design
ELEC1405Communications Networks and Signals
ELEC1620Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers
ELEC1701Introduction to Engineering Mathematics
ELEC1702Engineering Mathematics
ELEC1704Further Engineering Mathematics
ELEC2140High Frequency Electronics
ELEC2240Transistors and Optoelectronic Devices
ELEC2430Communications Theory
ELEC2530Power Electronics
ELEC2540Control Systems
ELEC2645Embedded Systems Project
ELEC2665Microprocessors and Programmable Logic
ELEC2856Audio Signal Processing
ELEC3030Professional Studies
ELEC3285Integrated Circuit Design
ELEC3360RF and Microwave Engineering
ELEC3430Digital Communications
ELEC3565Electric Machines
ELEC3575Electric Power Systems
ELEC3612Digital Media Engineering
ELEC5333MWireless Communications Systems Design
ELEC5447MCellular Mobile Communication Systems
ELEC5456MOptical Communications Networks
ELEC5471MData Communications and Network Security
ELEC5516MSmart Grid Analysis
ELEC5562MPower Electronics and Drives
ELEC5564MElectric Power Generation by Renewable Sources
ELEC5570MControl Systems Design
ELEC5580MElectric Power Generation and Distribution
ELEC5620MEmbedded Microprocessor System Design