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English Language Unit

Module code Module title
ELU0033Academic Study Skills
ELU0035Academic Study Skills for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
ELU0036Academic Study Skills for Business
ELU0220Academic English for Postgraduate Studies (AEPS) PGR Semester 1
ELU1006Using Writing
ELU2004English through Interpersonal Communication
ELU2006Language Through Literature and Place: Reading Yorkshire
ELU3001Language for Business
ELU3002Language for Social Science and Arts
ELU3005Language for Economics and Finance
ELU3006Language for Human Resource Management
ELU3007Language for Business Management and Enterprise
ELU3009Language for Arts and Humanities
ELU3011Language for Education
ELU3016Language for Law
ELU3018Language for Politics and Society
ELU3019Language for Postgraduate Research
ELU3020English for the Specific Purposes of Maths and the Physical Sciences
ELU3022Language for PGR (4 weeks/summer)