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Module code Module title
ENGL1000Studying and Researching English
ENGL1011Foundations of Creative Writing
ENGL1023Key Concepts of English Language Study: One
ENGL1024Key Concepts of English Language Study: Two
ENGL1220Twentieth-Century Fiction in English
ENGL1250Prose: Reading and Interpretation
ENGL1261Poetry: Reading and Interpretation
ENGL1282Drama: Reading and Interpretation
ENGL1291Approaches to Theatre and Performance
ENGL1310Narratives of Witchcraft and Magic
ENGL1340Environment, Crisis and Creativity: Contemporary Nature Writing
ENGL1350Foundations of English Studies
ENGL2023Power of Language
ENGL2024Language in Society
ENGL2025Medieval Literature
ENGL2027Eighteenth Century Literature
ENGL2028Literature of the Romantic Period
ENGL2029Renaissance Literature
ENGL2040Performing the Past
ENGL2041Textual Healing: An Introduction to Scholarly Editing and Publishing
ENGL2050Theatre, Society and Self
ENGL2070Developing Creative Writing
ENGL2201Writing Nature: Creative and Critical Practices
ENGL2204Shakespeare and Global Cinema
ENGL2206African American Narrative: Eight Major Works
ENGL2209Where the Wild Things Are: Animals in Children?s Literature
ENGL2284ExtraOrdinary Bodies: Physical Disability in Contemporary Literature and Film
ENGL3022English Language Dissertation
ENGL3024Modern Literature
ENGL3025Postcolonial Literature
ENGL3026Contemporary Literature
ENGL3041Final Year Project
ENGL3042The Practical Essay
ENGL3208Arthurian Legend: Chivalry and Violence
ENGL32111Gender, Culture and Politics: Readings of Jane Austen
ENGL32113The Wild: Literature and the Environment
ENGL32114Forming Victorian Fiction
ENGL32148American Danger
ENGL32153Refugee Narratives
ENGL32156Quiet Rebels and Unquiet Minds: writing to contemporary anxiety
ENGL32157Contemporary African Writing
ENGL32167Language of the Media
ENGL32169Contemporary South African Writing
ENGL3227Surrealism and the French Stage
ENGL3233Forensic Approaches to Language
ENGL32660Creative Writing
ENGL32763Children, Talk and Learning
ENGL3289Victorian Literature
ENGL3290American Words, American Worlds, 1900-Present
ENGL3293Victoria's Secrets: Secrecy in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture
ENGL32993Romantic Lyric Poetry
ENGL32997Keywords: The Words We Use and The Ways We Use Them
ENGL32998Writing and Gender in Seventeenth-Century England
ENGL32999Tragedy: Classical to Neo-Classical
ENGL3321Angry Young Men and Women: Literature of the Mid-Twentieth Century
ENGL3342Millennial Fictions
ENGL3365Theatricalities: Beckett, Pinter, Kane
ENGL3386Telling Lives: Reading and Writing Family Memoir
ENGL3394Bowie, Reading, Writing
ENGL3410Modernist Sexualities
ENGL3680Postcolonial London
ENGL3999Literature of the 1890s
ENGL5105MCaribbean and Black British Writing
ENGL5117MRomantic Identities: Literary Constructions of the Self, 1789-1821
ENGL5217MArthurian Legend: Medieval to Modern
ENGL5343MAfricas of the Mind
ENGL5346MSo Where do you come from? Selves, Families, Stories
ENGL5722MWriting about Death in Nineteenth-Century America
ENGL5817MShakespeare's Tyrants
ENGL5830MApprentices to Life: The Nineteenth-Century Bildungsroman
ENGL5836MTurks, Moors, and Jews: Staging the Exotic in the Renaissance
ENGL5839MImperial Masculinities: Late-Victorian Romance Fiction
ENGL5841MStudying English: Research Methods
ENGL5845MWriting Identities: Criticism, Creativity, Practice
ENGL5847MWar, Mourning, Memory: 1914-1939
ENGL5850MCulture and Anarchy: 1945-1968