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Module code Module title
ENGL1011Foundations of Creative Writing
ENGL1015Remixing the Renaissance
ENGL1023Key Concepts of English Language Study: One
ENGL1024Key Concepts of English Language Study: Two
ENGL1221Modern Fictions in English: Conflict, Liminality, Translation
ENGL1250Prose: Reading and Interpretation
ENGL1261Poetry: Reading and Interpretation
ENGL1286Drama: Reading and Interpretation
ENGL1295Approaches to Theatre and Performance 1
ENGL1296Approaches to Theatre and Performance 2
ENGL1310Narratives of Witchcraft and Magic
ENGL1340Environment, Crisis and Creativity: Contemporary Nature Writing
ENGL1350Foundations of English Studies
ENGL1855Race, Writing and Decolonization
ENGL1999The Creative Essay: From Idea to Submission
ENGL2023Power of Language
ENGL2024Language in Society
ENGL2025Medieval Literature
ENGL2026Restoration and Eighteenth Century Writing
ENGL2028Literature of the Romantic Period
ENGL2029Renaissance Literature
ENGL2040Performing the Past
ENGL2041Textual Healing: An Introduction to Scholarly Editing and Publishing
ENGL2050Theatre, Society and Self
ENGL2070Developing Creative Writing
ENGL2204Shakespeare and Global Cinema
ENGL2206African American Narrative: Eight Major Works
ENGL2209Where the Wild Things Are: Animals in Children?s Literature
ENGL2214All the Single Ladies: Fictions of Female Autonomy
ENGL2284ExtraOrdinary Bodies: Physical Disability in Contemporary Literature and Film
ENGL2288Writing for Fame: Nineteenth-Century Literature and the Culture of Celebrity
ENGL3022English Language Dissertation
ENGL3024Modern Literature
ENGL3025Postcolonial Literature
ENGL3026Contemporary Literature
ENGL3035Current Practice in Creative Writing
ENGL3042The Practical Essay
ENGL3050States of Mind: Disability, Neurodiversity and Mental Health in Contemporary Culture
ENGL32153Refugee Narratives
ENGL32154Prose Fiction Stylistics and the Mind
ENGL32155Crime Fiction Stylistics: Crossing Languages, Cultures, Media
ENGL32156Quiet Rebels and Unquiet Minds: writing to contemporary anxiety
ENGL3233Forensic Approaches to Language
ENGL32460Writing America
ENGL3289Victorian Literature
ENGL3290American Words, American Worlds, 1900-Present
ENGL3293Victoria's Secrets: Secrecy in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture
ENGL32941`Global English?: Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and Decolonisation
ENGL32993Romantic Lyric Poetry
ENGL32997Keywords: The Words We Use and The Ways We Use Them
ENGL32998Writing and Gender in Seventeenth-Century England
ENGL32999Tragedy: Classical to Neo-Classical
ENGL3321Angry Young Men and Women: Literature of the Mid-Twentieth Century
ENGL3339Lost in Fiction: The Metafictional Novel from 'Don Quixote' to 'House of Leaves'
ENGL3365Theatricalities: Beckett, Pinter, Kane
ENGL3386Telling Lives: Reading and Writing Family Memoir
ENGL3391September 11 in Fact and Fiction
ENGL3394Bowie, Reading, Writing
ENGL3410Modernist Sexualities
ENGL3680Postcolonial London
ENGL5105MCaribbean and Black British Writing
ENGL5117MRomantic Identities: Literary Constructions of the Self, 1789-1821
ENGL5343MAfricas of the Mind
ENGL5345MReading (with) Psychoanalysis
ENGL5346MSo Where do you come from? Selves, Families, Stories
ENGL5700MWriting, Archives, Race
ENGL5760MThe Enigmatic Body of Modernism
ENGL5828MGlobal Indigeneity
ENGL5830MApprentices to Life: The Nineteenth-Century Bildungsroman
ENGL5835MThe Literature of Crisis: Politics and Gender in 1790s Britain
ENGL5837MVictorian New Media
ENGL5845MWriting Identities: Criticism, Creativity, Practice
ENGL5850MCulture and Anarchy: 1945-1968
ENGL5860MTurks, Moors, and Jews: Race and Identity in English Renaissance Drama