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Module code Module title
FOOD1010Food: Origins and Form
FOOD1050Elements of Human Nutrition
FOOD1130Traditional Alcoholic Beverages
FOOD1131Traditional Alcoholic Beverages
FOOD1145Key Skills in Food and Nutritional Sciences
FOOD1150Principles of Human Physiology and Nutrition
FOOD1220Cell and Molecular Biology
FOOD2032Biochemistry Controlling Nutrients and Sensory Properties
FOOD2046Food Processing: From Farm to Shop
FOOD2100Food Colloids: Formulation of Creamy, Fatty and Bubbly Foods
FOOD2135Microbiological and Chemical Food Safety
FOOD2140Food Analysis
FOOD2151Food Allergy and Food Intolerance
FOOD2160Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
FOOD2165Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
FOOD2192Introduction to Food Product Development
FOOD2196Food Quality Assurance
FOOD2201Nutritional Issues in the Life Cycle
FOOD2215Principles of Research: Diet in Populations
FOOD2700Energy Metabolism and Cardiometabolic Diseases
FOOD3010Food Processing: From Farm to Shop
FOOD3031Functionality and Interactions of Components in Food Products
FOOD3041How Ingredients Interact in Foods
FOOD3140Critical Appraisal of Scientific Literature
FOOD3330Functional Foods
FOOD3340Food and Cancer
FOOD3371Food Product Development - Team Project
FOOD3381Nutrition Policy and Public Health
FOOD5031MFunctionality and Interactions of Components in Food Products
FOOD5036MFood Processing: from farm to shop
FOOD5045MMicrobiological and Chemical Food Safety
FOOD5055MFood Processing
FOOD5071MResearch Project
FOOD5115MColloid and Dairy Science
FOOD5196MImpacts of Food Processing on Nutritional Quality
FOOD5236MFood Allergy and Food Intolerance
FOOD5242MNutrient & Food Biochemical Structure and Function
FOOD5280MFunctional Foods
FOOD5333MResearch Project: Masters Students
FOOD5340MFood and Cancer
FOOD5410MNutrition: Policy and Practice
FOOD5455MFood Product Development
FOOD5472MSensory Science
FOOD5481MFood Quality Assurance and Control
FOOD5511MApplied Nutritional Epidemiology
FOOD5515MNutrition Through the Lifecourse
FOOD5700MEnergy Metabolism and Cardiometabolic Diseases