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Module code Module title
GEOG1000Planet Under Threat
GEOG1040Dynamic Landscapes
GEOG1045Living Planet
GEOG1055Environmental Change: Past and Future
GEOG1081Data analysis and physical geography tutorials
GEOG1500Global Geopolitics, Migration and Uneven Development
GEOG2020Political and Development Geographies
GEOG2035Geographies of Economies
GEOG2041Helsinki: urban growth and sustainability
GEOG2046The Making of the Modern City
GEOG2055Citizenship and Identity: Comparative Perspectives
GEOG2060Living within limits: natural resource management for sustainable development
GEOG2080Earth Surface Processes
GEOG2085Ecosystems: process, pattern, and change
GEOG2090Climate Systems
GEOG2095Skills for Physical Geographers
GEOG2140Political and Development Geographies: The shaping of the world
GEOG2330Geographies of Protest and Resistance
GEOG3062New Zealand Field Trip
GEOG3065Water Science & Management
GEOG3069Costa Rica Field Trip
GEOG3085Contested Cities
GEOG3121Creating Alternative Futures
GEOG3180Management of Wilderness and Global Ecosystems
GEOG3290Geographies of Global Insecurities
GEOG3291Geographies of Global Insecurities: New Dynamics
GEOG3520Workplace Co-operative Project
GEOG3530Geographers into Teaching: School Placements
GEOG3550Global Cities: Miami
GEOG3690Tropical forests and sustainable development
GEOG3877Global Environmental Cycles
GEOG3895Timescales of Global Change
GEOG3981Spaces of Migration and Encounter
GEOG3982Spaces of Migration and Encounter: Concepts and Contemporary Experiences
GEOG5032MGIS Data Visualisation & Analysis
GEOG5042MGeographic Data Visualisation & Analysis
GEOG5051MApplied Environmental GIS (WUN)
GEOG5060MGIS and Environment
GEOG5191MGeodemographics and Database Marketing (WUN)
GEOG5530MRiver basin management for water quality
GEOG5670MIssues and Skills for River Basin Dynamics and Management
GEOG5679MWater Consultancy: Contract Development
GEOG5811MGIS in the Workplace (WUN)
GEOG5830MEnvironmental Assessment
GEOG5851MApplied GIS and Retail Modelling (WUN)
GEOG5927MPredictive Analytics
GEOG5937MApplied GIS and Retail Modelling