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Module code Module title
GEOG1000Planet Under Threat
GEOG1040Dynamic Landscapes
GEOG1045Living Planet
GEOG1055Environmental Change: Past and Future
GEOG1081Data analysis and physical geography tutorials
GEOG1400Digital Geographies
GEOG1450The Urban Age
GEOG1500Global Geopolitics, Migration and Uneven Development
GEOG1550Population, Society and Space
GEOG2000Research Approaches in Human Geography
GEOG2020Political and Development Geographies
GEOG2046The Making of the Modern City
GEOG2055Citizenship and Identity: Comparative Perspectives
GEOG2062Sustainability: Living Within Limits
GEOG2080Earth Surface Processes
GEOG2085Ecosystems: process, pattern, and change
GEOG2090Climate Systems
GEOG2095Skills for Physical Geographers
GEOG2100Planning Services for Changing Populations
GEOG2117Research project and skills in physical geography (geography dissertation route)
GEOG2140Political and Development Geographies: The shaping of the world
GEOG2150Social and Spatial Data Analysis with GIS
GEOG3065Water Science & Management
GEOG3085Contested Cities
GEOG3121Creating Alternative Futures
GEOG3140Advanced Population & Health Geographies
GEOG3195Geocomputation and Spatial Analysis
GEOG3290Geographies of Global Insecurities
GEOG3291Geographies of Global Insecurities: New Dynamics
GEOG3535School and Educational Placements
GEOG3690Tropical forests and sustainable development
GEOG3981Spaces of Migration and Encounter
GEOG3982Spaces of Migration and Encounter: Concepts and Contemporary Experiences
GEOG5005MBusiness and Service Planning
GEOG5009MVisualisation for Geographic Data Science
GEOG5060MGIS and Environment
GEOG5401MAnalysing Cities
GEOG5402MData Science for Urban Systems
GEOG5403MCreative Coding for Urban Problems
GEOG5404MAnalytics for Urban Policy
GEOG5405MUrban Data Science Project
GEOG5530MRiver basin management for water quality
GEOG5670MIssues and Skills for River Basin Dynamics and Management
GEOG5680MHydrological Processes and Analysis
GEOG5700MDigital Resistance: Media Protest by Marginalised Groups
GEOG5917MBig Data and Consumer Analytics
GEOG5937MApplied GIS and Retail Modelling