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Module code Module title
ARCS1028Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Radiographic Pattern Recognition
ARCS1073Medical Imaging Science 1
ARCS1100Introduction to Professional Issues for Healthcare Scientists
ARCS1111Diagnostic Imaging Technique 1
ARCS1112Introduction to the Role of the Healthcare Professional
ARCS2145Anatomy, Physiology and Associated Pattern Recognition
ARCS2147Medical Imaging Science 2
ARCS2148Professional Practice 2
ARCS2195Acoustics, Psychoacoustics and Auditory Perception
ARCS2205Professional Practice 2
ARCS3205Paediatric Radiography
ARCS3268Professional Practice 3
ARCS5219MGynaecological Ultrasound
ARCS5220MGeneral Medical Ultrasound
ARCS5253MObstetric Ultrasound
ARCS5257MScience and Technology of Mammography
ARCS5258MProfessional Issues in Diagnostic Imaging
ARCS5259MMammography Technique
ARCS5260MImage Guided Interventional Procedures
ARCS5263MResearch for Diagnostic Imaging
DAPP3001Pharmacology - Applied to Practice
DONE3003Psycho-Social Influences on Child Development
DONE3029New Perspectives on Child Protection
HECS1023Introduction to Addiction Studies
HECS1024Foundation Issues in Addiction Studies
HECS1025Prevention Issues in Addiction Studies
HECS1026Interventions for Substance Misuse Problems
HECS1068Assessment of Substance Misuse
HECS1069Principles of Substance Misuse Interventions
HECS1070Principles of Harm Reduction for Substance Misuse
HECS1071Continuing Professional Development for Substance Misuse Professionals
HECS1090Biological Knowledge for Practice
HECS1098Theory and Practice Module 1
HECS1099Theory and Practice Module 2
HECS1100Learning Together; Working Together
HECS1101Fundamentals of Midwifery Practice
HECS1112Human Growth, Behaviour and Development
HECS1113Disability, Inclusion & the Life Course
HECS1114Professional Practice 1
HECS1122Learning Together, Working Together (Apprenticeship)
HECS1124Theory Practice Module 2 (Apprenticeship)
HECS2008Healthcare Ethics and Law
HECS2084Substance Misuse and Criminal Justice (Distance Learning)
HECS2156Nursing the Acutely Ill Adult
HECS2183Theory and Practice Module 3
HECS2184Theory and Practice Module 4
HECS2185The Developing Child and Health
HECS2186Young People's Development and Health
HECS2187Nursing the Adult with a Long Term Condition
HECS2189Midwifery Theory and Practice 1
HECS2190Midwifery Theory and Practice 2
HECS2191Midwifery Theory and Practice 3
HECS2193Promoting Mental Well-being Across the Lifespan
HECS2201Research for Healthcare and Social Work Professionals
HECS2207Decision Making in Practice
HECS2208Social Work Perspectives in Drugs and Alcohol
HECS2210Social Work Perspectives in Mental Health
HECS2211Social Work Law
HECS2212Professional Practice 2
HECS3072Nursing Management of the Acutely Ill Child
HECS3077Research Project
HECS3088Patient Focused Palliative Care
HECS3090Motivational Interviewing (incorporating Motivational Enhancement Therapy)
HECS3103Independent and Supplementary Prescribing for Nurses and Midwives
HECS3126Fundamentals of Diabetes Care
HECS3135Substance Misuse and Criminal Justice
HECS3160Child Protection and Substance Misuse
HECS3169International Healthcare
HECS3189Media Depictions of Mental Health (Online)
HECS3201International Work Based Learning
HECS3205Dual Diagnosis: The Management of Substance Misuse and Mental Illness
HECS3244Autistic Spectrum Disorder
HECS3248Theory and Practice Module 5
HECS3249Theory and Practice Module 6
HECS3251Pain Assessment and Management
HECS3254Research Dissertation
HECS3257ECG Interpretation
HECS3258Preparing for Midwifery Practice
HECS3261Working with People with Complex Mental Health Needs
HECS3262Advanced Audiology
HECS3271Working with Children and Families
HECS3272Working with Adults in Social Care
HECS3273Symptom Assessment and Management in Palliative Care
HECS3274Professional Practice 3
HECS3275Foundations of Nursing for Graduates
HECS3277Pathophysiology and Diagnostic Pattern Recognition
HECS3280Global Maternal Health
HECS5002MEvidence Based Practice
HECS5120MIndependent and Supplementary Prescribing for Nurses and Midwives
HECS5122MAssessment, Appraisal and Evaluation for Supervisors of Preregistration Pharmacy Training
HECS5139MPersonal and Professional Development in Healthcare
HECS5141MService Development within Healthcare
HECS5145MProgramme Design and Delivery: For Supervisors of Pre-registration Pharmacy Training
HECS5146MIndependent and Supplementary Prescribing for Pharmacists
HECS5149MMedia Depictions of Mental Health (Online)
HECS5167MInterpreting Biochemistry and Haematology for Healthcare Practice
HECS5168MEthics in Contemporary Health and Social Care
HECS5169MIssues and Concepts of Advancing Practice
HECS5182MCounselling and Psychotherapy Theories
HECS5183MBecoming a Reflective Practitioner 1a
HECS5184MTheories of Human Intersubjective Development
HECS5185MBecoming a Reflective Practitioner 1b
HECS5186MEthical and Cultural Issues for Psychotherapeutic Counselling
HECS5187MBecoming a Reflective Practitioner 2a
HECS5188MIntegration of Psychotherapeutic Theory, Practice and Intersubjectivity
HECS5189MBecoming a Reflective Practitioner 2b
HECS5197MManaging Health and Social Care
HECS5235MClinical Examination
HECS5236MManagement of Patient's Clinical Conditions
HECS5237MIntroduction to Qualitative Research
HECS5238MMixed Methods Research
HECS5242MPharmaceutical Care: Core Conditions
HECS5243MPharmaceutical Care: Specialist Conditions
HECS5287MInnovation in Health and Social Care
HECS5289MInternational Healthcare
HECS5290MNew Perspectives in Child Protection
HECS5291MPerformance Management and Commissioning
HECS5292MSocial Work Law 1
HECS5293MSocial Work with Adults
HECS5294MSocial Work with Children & Families
HECS5295MProfessional Practice 4
HECS5296MSocial Work Law 2
HECS5297MProfessional Practice 5
HECS5301MECG Interpretation
HECS5302MSymptom Assessment and Management in Palliative Care
HECS5303MIntegrating Palliative Care Policy into Practice
HECS5304MResearch in Action
HECS5315MPrinciples and Challenges in Diabetes Care
HECS8007Support for Learning in Practice
IOFN5003MLeadership in Health and Social Care
IOFN5004MResearch Methods
LAUT1003Prevention Issues in Addiction Studies
LAUT1005Assessment of Substance Misuse
LAUT1008Introduction to Addiction Studies
LAUT1009Continuing Professional Development for Substance Misuse Professionals
LAUT2010Alcohol, Drugs and Harm Reduction
LAUT2011Motivational Interviewing (incorporating Motivational Enhancement Therapy)
LAUT2013Prevention Module
LAUT2015Research Methods Module
LAUT2022Social Behaviour and Network Therapy (SBNT)
LAUT3005Social Behaviour and Network Therapy (Advanced)
LAUT3006Cognitive Behavioural Coping Skills
LAUT3012Library Based Project by Distance Learning
LAUT3014Psychopharmacology and Physiology of Addiction
LAUT3016Advanced Motivational Interviewing (incorporating Motivational Enhancement Therapy)
LAUT3020Dual Diagnosis: The Management of Substance Misuse and Mental Illness
MEDP3001Cardiovascular Medical Imaging
MEDP3511Digital Radiography and X-ray Computed Tomography
MEDP3512Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MEDP3514Ultrasound Imaging
MEDP3517Radionuclide Imaging
MEDP3518Medical Image Analysis
MEDP5311MDigital Radiography and X-ray Computed Tomography
MEDP5312MMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MEDP5314MUltrasound Imaging
MEDP5317MRadionuclide Imaging
MEDP5321MResearch Methods
MEDP5330MResearch Project