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Module code Module title
FOAR2000Research Placement
HIST1045Empire and Aftermath: The Mediterranean World from the Second to the Eighth Centuries
HIST1055Historiography and Historical Skills
HIST1060Faith, Knowledge and Power, 1500-1750
HIST1090Medieval and Renaissance Europe
HIST1210The Modern World
HIST1300Primary Sources for the Historian: An Introduction to Documentary study
HIST1819International History, 1919-1989: Conflict, Co-operation and Change
HIST1840Consensus and Contention: Investigations in International History
HIST2005Rule and Reform under Charlemagne and his Successors, 768-987
HIST2030The Crusades and the Crusader States in the 12th Century
HIST2031The Crusades and Medieval Christendom
HIST2065The Tudors: Princes, Politics, and Piety, 1485-1603
HIST2073Most Christian Kings: France, 1515-1715
HIST2079The Republic in Crisis: Conflict and Identity in France since 1870
HIST2080Voices of the People: Speech, Language and Oral Culture in Early Modern Europe
HIST2100Victorian England: Old England and Industrial Society 1837-1865
HIST2101Victorian England: Aristocracy and Democracy, 1865-1901
HIST2110The Cult of Saints in Medieval Europe c.400-c.1500
HIST2112Jewish Communities in Medieval Europe
HIST2115Charles the Great to Alfred the Great: Franks, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in the Ninth Century
HIST2117Conquerors and Conquered: England, 1000-1135
HIST2135Britain and the Industrial Revolution
HIST2140Imperial Germany 1871-1918
HIST2220The Body, Disease and Society in Europe, 1500-1750
HIST229020th Century Britain: The Burdens of Conflict 1900-1945
HIST229120th Century Britain: Progress and Uncertainty 1945-1990
HIST2305Mughals, Merchants and Mercenaries: 'Company Raj' in India 1600-1857
HIST2308Life and Death in British India, 1690-1871
HIST2309Communist Eastern Europe, 1945-89
HIST2310Russia under the Romanovs, 1812-1917
HIST2320The Lucky Country? The Social History of Australia in the Twentieth Century
HIST2353America and the Sixties
HIST2420Nationalism, Colonialism and 'Religious Violence' in India, 1857-1947
HIST2430The History of Africa since 1900
HIST2432Lost Colonists: Failure and the Family in Southern Africa, 1880-1939
HIST2433The Global Caribbean, 1756-1848
HIST2435The Popular Caribbean: A History
HIST2442Black Politics from Emancipation to Obama
HIST2505Archive Intelligence: Unlocking the Archive
HIST2557Thinking about History
HIST2565Histories of Black Britain
HIST2645The Rise of Modern Japan: From the Meiji Restoration to the Present Day
HIST2654Global Business History
HIST2658Mao Zedong and Modern China, 1949-Present
HIST2800Documents and Debates in International History
HIST2856From World War to Vietnam War, 1945-75
HIST2866The End of the Cold War to the Age of Terror: US Foreign Policy in a Changing World
HIST2875From Versailles to Potsdam: Conferences, Crises and Conflicts, 1919-45
HIST2878The Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIST3001Conquest, Convivencia and Conflict: Christian and Muslim Spain, 711-1212
HIST3220Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement
HIST3235Dividing India: The Road to Democracy in South Asia, 1939-1952
HIST3260Tradition and Modernity in Colonial Africa: Uganda's Kingdoms 1862-1964
HIST3270The Third Reich, 1933-1945
HIST3302Ordinary People: The Everyday Lives of Men, Women and Children in Britain, c. 1920s-50s
HIST3315Citizens of the World: British Merchants in the Long Eighteenth Century
HIST3330Europe in an Age of Total Warfare
HIST3382The Cultural History of Venice, 1509-1797
HIST3390The Soviet Sixties: Politics and Society in the USSR, 1953-1968
HIST3391De Tocqueville and the Democratic Regime
HIST3395The Troubles: The Northern Ireland Conflict, 1968-Present
HIST3430History Long Essay
HIST3450American History, American Historians
HIST3453The Body in Australian History, 1788-2007
HIST3493War, Regicide and Republic: England, 1642-1660
HIST3500History Dissertation
HIST3510Pastors and Prelates: Bishops in England, France and Germany, 950-1100
HIST3590White Africans: Intimacy, Race and Power
HIST3650Stalin and Stalinism
HIST3665France and Algeria from 1830 to the Present
HIST3687The Later Elizabethan Age: Politics and Empire
HIST3689Order and Disorder in Early Modern France: Understanding the French Wars of Religion
HIST3695The Korean War
HIST3723Apartheid in South Africa: Origins, Impact and Legacy
HIST3728The Breaking of Contemporary Britain: Challenges from the Post-War Period
HIST3732Men and Masculinity in Britain, c.1860-1960: War, Work and Home
HIST3734Missionaries, Abolitionists and Colonial Philanthropists: Evangelical Attitudes to Empire, 1765-1865
HIST3735Crime and Punishment in Colonial Southern Asia
HIST3738The Hungry Empire: Indian Commodities That Built Britain's Global Empire, c.1750s-1930
HIST3740Alliance Without Backbone: Germany, its Allies and Satellites Before and During World War Two
HIST3745Secret Service: The World of British Intelligence
HIST3746War on Tribe or War on Terror? Historicizing Afghanistan and Pakistan
HIST3785Europe on the Move: Refugees and Resettlement, 1919-59
HIST3800IHP Dissertation
HIST3880'Parasites' and 'Cockroaches': Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in the Modern World
HIST3887Changing Enemies: Germany Occupied and Divided, 1945-55
HIST3999Doomed to Failure? European Great Power Politics from Bismarck to the Outbreak of World War I
HIST5000MResearch Methodology in History
HIST5020MMaking History: Archive Collaborations
HIST5028MBede's Northumbria
HIST5031MSecrecy and Espionage in Early Modern Europe
HIST5032MReformation(s): Belief and Culture in Early Modern Europe
HIST5035MApproaches to Contemporary European History
HIST5225MGender and Power in Early Modern Europe
HIST5540MDefending the Nation: Britain during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1793 to 1815
HIST5830MStalinist Terror
HIST5838MApproaches to Race
HIST5841MIndia since 1947: Community, Caste and Political Violence
HIST5842MPatriotic Protest: Social Movements and Political Dissent in the United States of America
HIST5844MSexuality and Disease in African History
HIST5850MConcepts and Debates in Social and Cultural History
HIST5851MDeath, Dying and the Dead in Twentieth-Century Britain
HIST5854MRevolutions: Theory and Comparative Histories
HIST5860MBritain and the Slave Trade
HIST5875MLifecycles: Birth, Death and Illness in the Middle Ages
HIST5880MApproaches to the History of Health and Medicine