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Module code Module title
HIST1045Empire and Aftermath: The Mediterranean World from the Second to the Eighth Centuries
HIST1055Historiography and Historical Skills
HIST1060Faith, Knowledge and Power, 1500-1750
HIST1090Medieval and Renaissance Europe
HIST1210The Modern World
HIST1300Primary Sources for the Historian: An Introduction to Documentary study
HIST1819International History, 1919-1989: Conflict, Co-operation and Change
HIST1840Consensus and Contention: Investigations in International History
HIST2015Australia and the World
HIST2040History Wars: The Politics of the Past in Contemporary Europe
HIST2045Transformations of the Roman World
HIST2065The Tudors: Princes, Politics, and Piety, 1485-1603
HIST2073Most Christian Kings: France, 1515-1715
HIST2077Colonial Encounters: France and its Empire, 1830-1945
HIST2079The Republic in Crisis: Conflict and Identity in France since 1870
HIST2080Voices of the People: Speech, Language and Oral Culture in Early Modern Europe
HIST2090Sin in Spanish America, 1571-1700
HIST2101Victorian England: Aristocracy and Democracy, 1865-1901
HIST2105Medieval Romans and the shape of Afro-Eurasia today
HIST2110The Cult of Saints in Medieval Europe c.400-c.1500
HIST2112Jewish Communities in Medieval Europe
HIST2115Charles the Great to Alfred the Great: Franks, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in the Ninth Century
HIST2117Conquerors and Conquered: England, 1000-1135
HIST2135Britain and the Industrial Revolution
HIST2140Imperial Germany 1871-1918
HIST2170Patient Voices: Medicine and Healthcare in the Middle Ages
HIST2220The Body, Disease and Society in Europe, 1500-1750
HIST229020th Century Britain: The Burdens of Conflict 1900-1945
HIST2301The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union, 1921-1993
HIST2309Communist Eastern Europe, 1945-89
HIST2310Russia under the Romanovs, 1812-1917
HIST2315Mughals, Merchants and Mercenaries: 'Company Raj' in India 1600-1857
HIST2320The Lucky Country? The Social History of Australia in the Twentieth Century
HIST2353America and the Sixties
HIST2360Bass Culture in Modern Britain
HIST2420Nationalism, Colonialism and 'Religious Violence' in India, 1857-1947
HIST2430The History of Africa since 1900
HIST2432Lost Colonists: Failure and the Family in Southern Africa, 1880-1939
HIST2434The Global Caribbean, 1641-1848
HIST2435The Popular Caribbean: A History
HIST2441Race, Gender and Cultural Protest in the US since 1865
HIST2442Black Politics from Emancipation to Obama
HIST2460Modern Hatreds: The Destruction of Yugoslavia and its Aftermath, 1991-2001
HIST2505Archive Intelligence: Unlocking the Archive
HIST2557Thinking about History
HIST2565Histories of Black Britain
HIST2645The Rise of Modern Japan: From the Meiji Restoration to the Present Day
HIST2653American Business History
HIST2654Global Business History
HIST2658Mao Zedong and Modern China, 1949-Present
HIST2800Documents and Debates in International History
HIST2856From World War to Vietnam War, 1945-75
HIST2857The Global Cold War
HIST2875From Versailles to Potsdam: Conferences, Crises and Conflicts, 1919-45
HIST2878The Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIST3220Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement
HIST3240The Harlem Renaissance: Black Culture and Politics 1919-1940
HIST3260Tradition and Modernity in Colonial Africa: Uganda's Kingdoms 1862-1964
HIST3270The Third Reich, 1933-1945
HIST3287Caribbean Mobilities: Travel, Culture and Politics, 1838-1939
HIST3290Popular Belief in the Medieval West 1000-c.1500
HIST3302Ordinary People: The Everyday Lives of Men, Women and Children in Britain, c. 1920s-50s
HIST3332The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
HIST3360Body, Mind and Senses: The Social and Cultural History of Disability in Britain, 1833-1998
HIST3370Black British Culture and Black British Cultural Studies
HIST3382The Cultural History of Venice, 1509-1797
HIST3388Teaching & Learning in Early Modern England: Skill, Knowledge, and Education
HIST3390The Soviet Sixties: Politics and Society in the USSR, 1953-1968
HIST3430History Long Essay
HIST3450American History, American Historians
HIST3453The Body in Australian History, 1788-2007
HIST3455Consumer Society in Historical Perspective
HIST3493War, Regicide and Republic: England, 1642-1660
HIST3498Early Modern Media: Printing and the People in Europe c.1500-c.1800
HIST3500History Dissertation
HIST3590White Africans: Intimacy, Race and Power
HIST3665France and Algeria from 1830 to the Present
HIST3685Georgians at War
HIST3687The Later Elizabethan Age: Politics and Empire
HIST3689Order and Disorder in Early Modern France: Understanding the French Wars of Religion
HIST3695The Korean War
HIST3710Nazism, Stalinism and the Rise of the Total State
HIST3723Apartheid in South Africa: Origins, Impact and Legacy
HIST3724Caribbean Identity, Society and Decolonisation
HIST3726In the Shadow of Franco: Terror and its Legacy in Spain, 1936-Present Day
HIST3728The Breaking of Contemporary Britain: Challenges from the Post-War Period
HIST3732Men and Masculinity in Britain, c.1860-1960: War, Work and Home
HIST3740Alliance Without Backbone: Germany, its Allies and Satellites Before and During World War Two
HIST3745Secret Service: The World of British Intelligence
HIST3746War on Tribe or War on Terror? Historicizing Afghanistan and Pakistan
HIST3747The Iron Lady Abroad: Margaret Thatcher and UK Foreign Policy from 1979
HIST3785Europe on the Move: Refugees and Resettlement, 1919-59
HIST3790Gender and Slavery in Latin America, 1580-1888
HIST3800IHP Dissertation
HIST3877The World of Terror
HIST3900The Soviet Union in World Politics, 1917-1991
HIST3999Doomed to Failure? European Great Power Politics from Bismarck to the Outbreak of World War I
HIST5020MMaking History: Archive Collaborations
HIST5031MSecrecy and Espionage in Early Modern Europe
HIST5032MReformation(s): Belief and Culture in Early Modern Europe
HIST5055MPractising Modern History
HIST5225MGender and Power in Early Modern Europe
HIST5231MMedicine and Warfare in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
HIST5310MBritain in the World: 'A Force for Good'?
HIST5750MSocial Histories of South Africa
HIST5838MApproaches to Race
HIST5839MBlack Internationalism
HIST5841MIndia since 1947: Community, Caste and Political Violence
HIST5843MA History of War
HIST5844MSexuality and Disease in African History
HIST5850MConcepts and Debates in Social and Cultural History
HIST5851MDeath, Dying and the Dead in Twentieth-Century Britain
HIST5852MHistories of Migration from Early Modern to Modern
HIST5860MBritain and the Slave Trade