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Module code Module title
LAW1065Introduction to Criminal Justice
LAW1076An Introduction to Law: What is Law?
LAW1128Criminal Justice Study Skills
LAW1136Understanding Crime
LAW1141Introduction to Criminal Law
LAW1166Crime, Inequality and Social Issues
LAW1200Foundations of Law
LAW1220Constitutional and Administrative Law
LAW1255European Constitutional Systems
LAW1260Criminal Law
LAW2040Company Law
LAW2065Criminal Law
LAW2066Criminal Law
LAW2091Criminology: Theories and Concepts
LAW2095Transnational and Comparative Criminology
LAW2142International Human Rights Law
LAW2146International Law
LAW2175Crime Prevention and Crime Science
LAW2230European Union Law
LAW2270Land Law
LAW2286Researching Crime and Criminal Justice (for undergraduates)
LAW2330Family Law
LAW2420Youth Crime and Justice
LAW2427Competition Law
LAW2620Law and Society
LAW2655European Legal Systems
LAW3032Cyberlaw: Law and the Regulation of the Information Society
LAW3035Long Dissertation (Criminal Justice and Criminology)
LAW3055Disability Law
LAW3116Gender and the Law
LAW3129Health Care Law
LAW3133Environmental Law
LAW3145European Union Law
LAW3162Employment Law
LAW3172Crime, Law and Social Change: Crime and Criminal Justice in Historical Perspective
LAW3197Media Freedom
LAW3241The Law of Trusts
LAW3270Land Law
LAW3280Media Law
LAW3320Long Dissertation
LAW3371Commercial Law: Commercial and Consumer Sales
LAW5005MNew Frontiers of Security, Conflict and Justice
LAW5022MResearching Crime, Security and Justice
LAW5041MDissertation Criminal Law/Criminal Justice
LAW5049MDissertation Criminal Law/Criminal Justice
LAW5065MCentral Issues in Criminal Law
LAW5113MRethinking Policing 1
LAW5146MInternational Criminal Law
LAW5222MIntercultural Business and Organisational Communication
LAW5225MIntroduction to UK and Global Government Contracting Law and Practice
LAW5228MContemporary Theories of Crime and Justice
LAW5301MSecurity, Conflict and Justice
LAW5334MCyberlaw: Regulation of Cyberspace
LAW5338MInternational E-Commerce Law
LAW5358MCriminal Justice Processes
LAW5362MComparative Human Rights Law
LAW5401MInequalities, Law and Justice
LAW5445MInternational Competition Law
LAW5460MInsolvency Law
LAW5550MCorporate Law
LAW5556MCorporate Finance and Securities Law
LAW5562MInternational Banking Law: The Regulatory Framework
LAW5563MLaw and Economics of Business Regulation
LAW5565MInternational Banking Law: Capital Markets and Loans
LAW5568MInternational Corporate Governance
LAW5584MPrinciples of International Financial Law
LAW5585MInternational Trade Finance Law
LAW5590MInternational Sales Law
LAW5613MInternational Tax Law and Policy
LAW5637MFinancial Crime
LAW5645MThe International Law of Foreign Investment
LAW5687MIntellectual Property Management
LAW5692MContemporary Issues in Intellectual Property: Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions
LAW5694MContemporary Issues in Intellectual Property: Health, Food and Biotechnology
LAW5697MPatent Law
LAW5698MCopyright Law
LAW5861MInternational Human Rights
LAW5862MHuman Rights and Disabled People 1
LAW5863MHuman Rights and Disabled People 2
LAW5866MGlobal Governance through Law
LAW5952MCentral Issues in Arbitration