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Linguistics and Phonetics

Module code Module title
LING1060Language Projects
LING1100Language: Meaning and Use
LING1500Key Skills in Linguistics
LING2370Representation, Identity and Control
LING2380Language and Gender
LING2390Language Acquisition
LING2410Language Change
LING2420Interactional Linguistics
LING3005Languages in Contact
LING3030Syntactic Theory
LING3180Language and Gender
LING3190Language Acquisition
LING3200Linguistics Dissertation
LING3220Representation, Identity and Control
LING3290Language Change
LING3310Interactional Linguistics
LING3350Language Processing
LING5005MLanguages in Contact
LING5290MSecond Language Acquisition
LING5400MFoundations of Phonetics and Phonology
LING5410MFoundations of Syntax
LING5420MTopics in Phonetics and Phonology
LING5430MTopics in Syntax
LING5440MApproaches to Linguistics and Language Acquisition
LING5450MMethodology in Language Teaching
LING5460MLanguage Teaching in Practice
LING5470MAcademic Skills in Linguistics
LING5480MResearch Methods in Linguistics