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Lifelong Learning Centre

Module code Module title
LLLC0102Introduction to Accounting
LLLC0103Introduction to Human Resource Management
LLLC0104Introduction to Management
LLLC0105Introduction to Marketing
LLLC0113Mathematics and Statistics for Earth and Environment
LLLC0114Chemistry for Earth and Environmental Sciences
LLLC0118Innovation and Enterprise
LLLC0121Image, Music and Text
LLLC0122Modernity and Post-Modernity
LLLC0123Religion, Politics and Society
LLLC0124The Renaissance
LLLC0125Biology for Interdisciplinary Sciences (1)
LLLC0126Biology for Interdisciplinary Sciences (2)
LLLC0127Chemistry for Interdisciplinary Sciences (1)
LLLC0128Chemistry for Interdisciplinary Sciences (2)
LLLC0131Applied Maths for Biologists and Chemists (2)
LLLC0132Applied Maths for Engineers and Physicists (1)
LLLC0133Applied Maths for Engineers and Physicists (2)
LLLC0137Environmental Chemistry
LLLC0138Biology for International Foundation Year (1)
LLLC0139Biology for International Foundation Year (2)
LLLC0141Applied Maths for Biologists and Chemists (1)
LLLC0142Geology and Environment - a U.K. Perspective
LLLC0145Applied Information Literacy
LLLC0148Understanding Child Development and Learning
LLLC0149Human Biology
LLLC0165Business Ethics
LLLC0166Physics and Mechanics for Interdisciplinary Sciences (1)
LLLC0167Physics and Mechanics for Interdisciplinary Sciences (2)
LLLC0168Physics and Mechanics for Earth and Environment
LLLC0171Integrated Skills for Business Studies
LLLC0172Introduction to Personal Development and Academic Skills
LLLC0173Beginners Arabic
LLLC1040Creative Writing Workshop
LLLC1080Safeguarding Children - Family Support and Child Abuse
LLLC1321Women, Culture and Islam
LLLC1359Global Conversations
LLLC1360Business Finance
LLLC1363Introduction to Economics
LLLC1364Mathematics and Statistics for Managers
LLLC1367Introduction to Islam
LLLC1369An Introduction to Childhood and Child Development
LLLC1370Children, Young People and Families, Policy Development
LLLC1371Arabic 1
LLLC1373Islamic History and Civilisation
LLLC1382Research Project (1)
LLLC1387Accounting for Non-Specialists
LLLC1388Intermediate Arabic
LLLC1393Research Methodologies for Business Studies
LLLC1394Political Islam: Past and Present
LLLC1395Exploring Diversity
LLLC1396Employability in a Changing World
LLLC1400Biological Knowledge for Assistant Practitioners 1
LLLC1410Healthcare Practice for Assistant Practitioners 1
LLLC1411Working With Others in Children's Services
LLLC1412Exploring the Digital World
LLLC1414Introduction to Typical and Atypical Child Development
LLLC1415How Do Learners Learn
LLLC1416Developing Teaching Skills to Meet Learners' Needs
LLLC1417Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disability
LLLC1418Academic and Professional Development
LLLC1419Academic Skills for Learning and Teaching
LLLC1420Clinical and Reflective Practice for Assistant Practitioners 1
LLLC1421Skills, Theoretical Perspectives and Practice in Children and Young People's Welfare
LLLC1422Introduction to Management
LLLC1423Human Resource Management
LLLC1425Business Environment
LLLC1426Business Accounting
LLLC1427Beginners Arabic 1
LLLC1429Professional Practice 1
LLLC1432Anatomy and Physiology for Clinical Practice 1
LLLC1433Writing Science-fiction, Fantasy & Horror
LLLC2060Child Welfare - Research, Policy and Practice
LLLC2061Supporting Families? Analysing the Theory and Practice of Family Support
LLLC2219Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace
LLLC2222Violent and Sexually Offending Young People
LLLC2223The Application of Counselling Skills in Learning Settings
LLLC2228Using Stories to Develop Learning
LLLC2242Leadership and Change Management
LLLC2248Script Writing
LLLC2250Project Management
LLLC2251Work based Professional Practice Project
LLLC2257Research Project (2)
LLLC2258Understanding Education Research
LLLC2260Education Perspectives and Policy
LLLC2262Travel and Journalistic Writing
LLLC2263Global Perspectives
LLLC2264Creativity, Work and Change
LLLC2265Exploring Contemporary Issues
LLLC2269Academic and Professional Development for Assistant Practitioners 2
LLLC2271Healthcare Practice for Assistant Practitioners 2
LLLC2272Mental Healthcare and Assistant Practitioners
LLLC2274Work-based Learning in Settings for Learners with SEND
LLLC2275Research Methods
LLLC2276Work Based Research Project
LLLC2284Changing Children's Life Chances
LLLC2285Working with Change, Conflict and Crisis with Children and Families
LLLC2287Creative Writing Workshop Two
LLLC3942Leadership for Learning in Community and Educational Settings
LLLC3945An Introduction to Autism
LLLC3952Researching the Learning and Teaching Sector
LLLC3954Leadership and Management in Work With Children and Families
LLLC3955Advanced Work-Based Learning
LLLC3956Child and Family Studies: Research Methods
LLLC3958Contemporary Issues and Debates in Child and Family Studies
LLLC3961Contemporary Issues and Debates in Early Childhood Studies
LLLC3966Who do you think you are? Exploring Learning Identities
LLLC3968Understanding Leadership
LLLC3970Issues and Ethics in Professional Practice
LLLC3971Strategic Management
LLLC3972Management Consultancy
LLLC3973Operations Management
LLLC3974Innovation and Enterprise
LLLC3975Dissertation for Business Management
LLLC3976Playful Learning: using game philosophy to develop new approaches to learning and teaching