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Chemical and Process Engineering

Module code Module title
AVIA1010Aviation Engineering Materials
AVIA1020Theoretical Knowledge for the Private Pilots Licence
AVIA1040Introduction to Aviation
AVIA1050Aviation Engineering Science Challenge
AVIA2000Aircraft 1
AVIA2010Aviation Project Management and Finance
AVIA2020Aviation Health and Safety
AVIA2030Advanced Pilot Theory
AVIA2050Aviation Management Project
AVIA3000Aircraft 2
AVIA3010Aviation Safety and Reliability
CAPE1000Technical Skills and Applications
CAPE1010Introduction to Process Engineering
CAPE1020Engineering Science 1
CAPE1050Foundation Mathematics
CAPE1060Fundamentals of Process Chemistry
CAPE1700Topics in Nanotechnology
CAPE1720Materials Science and Engineering
CAPE2020Safety, Health and Environment
CAPE2050Engineering Science 2
CAPE2710Materials Synthesis and Characterisation
CAPE3000Design Project (BEng)
CAPE3300Process Engineering Operations
CAPE3301Separation Processes
CAPE3321Process Optimisation and Control
CAPE3331Nuclear Operations
CAPE3411Renewable Technologies
CAPE3601Drilling and Production Technology
CAPE3700Structural Materials
CAPE3711Functional and Nano-Materials
CAPE5300MChemical Products Design and Development
CAPE5301MSeparation Processes
CAPE5320MMulti-Scale Modelling and Simulation
CAPE5331MNuclear Operations
CAPE5340MAdvances in Chemical Engineering
CAPE5400MPollution Sampling and Analysis
CAPE5410MEnergy Management and Conservation
CAPE5411MRenewable Technologies
CAPE5420MFuel Processing
CAPE5421MAtmospheric Pollution: Impacts and Controls
CAPE5601MDrilling and Production Technology
CAPE5620MUnconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs
CAPE5705MPhase Transformations and Microstructural Control
CAPE5710MMaterials Modelling
CAPE5715MMetals and Alloys
CAPE5720MStructure-Property Relationships
CAPE5730MMaterials Selection and Failure Analysis
CAPE5735MMaterials for Electronic Applications
CAPE5750MMaterials Structures and Characterisation
CAPE5760MCeramics, Polymers and Composites
CAPE5790MExtractive Metallurgy
CAPE5990MCFD Software