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Mechanical Engineering

Module code Module title
MECH1010Computers in Engineering Analysis
MECH1206Design and Manufacture 1
MECH1215Thermofluids 1
MECH1230Solid Mechanics
MECH1280Engineering Materials
MECH1310Mechanics for Mechatronics and Robotics
MECH1520Engineering Mathematics
MECH2610Engineering Mechanics
MECH2620Vibration and Control
MECH2640Economics and Management
MECH2650Mechatronics and Measurement Systems
MECH2660Mechatronics and Robotics Systems
MECH2670Thermofluids 2
MECH3200Structure and Function of the Body
MECH3225Biomedical Engineering Design
MECH3450Aerospace Vehicle Design
MECH3460Robotics and Machine Intelligence
MECH3470Vehicle Design and Analysis
MECH3496Thermofluids 3
MECH3790Aerodynamics and Aerospace Propulsion
MECH3855Aerospace Flight Mechanics
MECH3890Individual Engineering Project
MECH3900Finite Element Methods of Analysis
MECH5006MTraining and Professional Development Activities 2
MECH5021MOilfield Chemistry and Corrosion
MECH5030MTeam Project
MECH5185MAutomotive Chassis Engineering
MECH5195MAutomotive Driveline Engineering
MECH5205MStructure and Function of the Body
MECH5221MSpinal Biomechanics and Instrumentation (Distance Learning)
MECH5315MEngineering Computational Methods
MECH5390MTribology and Surface Engineering
MECH5495MEngineering Psychology and Human Factors
MECH5500MFunctional Joint Replacement Technology (Short Course)
MECH5680MAdvanced Finite Element Analysis
MECH5740MRotary Wing Aircraft
MECH5760MVehicle and Product Systems Design
MECH5770MComputational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
MECH5865MTeam Design and Build Project
MECH9001Study Abroad Year