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Mechanical Engineering

Module code Module title
MECH1010Computers in Engineering Analysis
MECH1206Design and Manufacture 1
MECH1215Thermofluids 1
MECH1230Solid Mechanics
MECH1280Engineering Materials
MECH1310Mechanics for Mechatronics and Robotics
MECH1520Engineering Mathematics
MECH2610Engineering Mechanics
MECH2620Vibration and Control
MECH2640Economics and Management
MECH2650Mechatronics and Measurement Systems
MECH2670Thermofluids 2
MECH3200Structure and Function of the Body
MECH3225Biomedical Engineering Design
MECH3450Aerospace Vehicle Design
MECH3460Robotics and Machine Intelligence
MECH3470Vehicle Design and Analysis
MECH3496Thermofluids 3
MECH3790Aerodynamics and Aerospace Propulsion
MECH3855Aerospace Flight Mechanics
MECH3890Individual Engineering Project
MECH3900Finite Element Methods of Analysis
MECH5006MTraining and Professional Development Activities 2
MECH5021MOilfield Chemistry and Corrosion
MECH5030MTeam Project
MECH5185MAutomotive Chassis Engineering
MECH5195MAutomotive Driveline Engineering
MECH5205MStructure and Function of the Body
MECH5765MVehicle Systems Engineering
MECH9001Study Abroad Year