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Module code Module title
CPCH5004MCommunication and Management Skills
CPCH5006MClinical Neuroscience
EPIB3035Research Methods for Clinical Sciences
EPIB3036Introduction to Clinical Trials
EPIB5001MResearch Project
EPIB5023MIntroduction to Modelling
EPIB5024MStatistical Inference
EPIB5025MMultilevel and Latent variable Modelling
EPIB5030MProfessional Spine
EPIB5032MIntroduction to Genetic Epidemiology
EPIB5037MAdvanced Modelling Strategies
EPIB5038MAdvanced epidemiological techniques
FAMT5211MTheories of Change and Practice I
FAMT5240MIntroduction to Research Methods
FAMT5310MFoundation Course in Systemic Practice
FAMT5320MIntermediate Course in Systemic Practice
FAMT5450MFamily Therapy Skills I
FAMT5470MSystemic Supervision and Case Presentation I
GPPH3001Patients and their Illness
GPPH3002The Consultation
GPPH3005Learning and Teaching
GPPH3006Clinical Placement
GPPH3008Introduction to Health Systems
GPPH3014Research and Evaluation Methods
GPPH3015Research Project in Applied Health
GPPH5100MFoundation Skills in Learning and Teaching
GPPH5101MEducational Theory
GPPH5102MEducation in Practice
GPPH5103MThe Consultation
GPPH5104MTeaching the Primary Care Consultation
MEDI1204Individuals and Populations
MEDI1213Research, Evaluation and Special Studies 1
MEDI1214Innovation, Development, Enterprise, Leadership and Safety 1
MEDI1215Campus to Clinic 1
MEDI1216Introduction to Medical Sciences
MEDI1220Body Systems
MEDI2201Control and Movement
MEDI2202Individuals and Populations 2
MEDI2217Research, Evaluation and Special Studies 2
MEDI2218Innovation, Development, Enterprise, Leadership and Safety 2
MEDI2219Campus to Clinic 2
MEDI2220RESS 2 Special Studies Project
MEDI2221Essential Medical Science
MEDI3216Innovation, Development, Enterprise, Leadership and Safety 3
MEDI3217Campus to Clinic 3
MEDI3219RESS 3 Special Studies Project
MEDI4226Extended Student Research and Evaluation Project Year 4
MEDI4227Campus to Clinic Advanced 4
MEDP3001Cardiovascular Medical Imaging
MEDP3511Digital Radiography and X-ray Computed Tomography
MEDP3512Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MEDP3514Ultrasound Imaging
MEDP3517Radionuclide Imaging
MEDP3518Medical Image Analysis
MEDP5311MDigital Radiography and X-ray Computed Tomography
MEDP5312MMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MEDP5314MUltrasound Imaging
MEDP5317MRadionuclide Imaging
MEDP5321MResearch Methods
MEDP5330MResearch Project
MEDR5120MAnalytic Research
MEDR5130MIntervention Research
MEDR5145MStatistical Methods in Health Research
MEDR5160MSystematic Reviews of Research
MEDR5200MHealth Research Methods
MEDR5250MApplied Qualitative Health Research
MEDR5310MGetting started in health research
MEDR5320MCapturing and Handling Data in Research
NUFF3070Project A
NUFF3080Project B
NUFF3110Research Methods Module
NUFF3120Communicable Disease Control
NUFF3140Health Policy and Development
NUFF3150Maternal, Reproductive and Child Health Module
NUFF3160Global Patterns of Non-Communicable Diseases
NUFF3190Health Systems in Low and Middle Income Countries
NUFF5000MQuality Improvement in Health Care
NUFF5001MNon-Communicable Diseases
NUFF5065MKey Issues in International Health
NUFF5105MPolicy for Health and Development
NUFF5305MImplications of Conflicts and Emergencies on Health and Healthcare Systems
NUFF5315MFoundations of International Health
NUFF5325MPrinciples of Health Management, Planning and Policy
NUFF5450MHealth Systems Development for Primary Health Care
NUFF5455MSexual and Reproductive Health
NUFF5460MManagement of Finance for Health
NUFF5465MHealth Economics for Developing Health Systems
NUFF5485MPrinciples of Public Health (International)
NUFF5495MResearch Project in International Health
NUFF5510MIntroduction to Health Systems
NUFF5550MMonitoring and Evaluation of Health Programmes
NUFF5590MCommunicable Disease Control
NUFF5610MHealth Promotion
NUFF5710MHealth Systems Research Methods
PATH3050Research Project in Clinical Sciences
PATH3090Molecular Oncology
PATH3140Paper Criticism
PATH3160Gastrointestinal Disease
PATH3190Molecular Pharmacology
PHLT3125Population Health: Principles and Practice
PHLT5070MDissertation: MPH
PHLT5110MCommunicable Disease Control and Non-Infectious Environmental Hazards
PHLT5125MPopulation Health: Principles and Practice
PSIA5230MIntroduction to Research in Child Development
PSIA5603MBiological Sciences
PSIA5606MPsychiatric Topics
PSIA5607MResearch Skills
PSIA5608MResearch Dissertation
PSOB5110MInfant Observation
PSOB5120MYoung Child Observation
PSOB5210MWork Discussion
PSOB5230MPsychoanalytic Theory and Personality Development
REPR5210MFundamentals of Clinical Embryology
REPR5220MIVF and Embryo Culture
REPR5240MCryobiology and Cryopreservation
REPR5260MResearch Project in Clinical Embryology
YCHI3070Mobile Health
YCHI5010MInformatics in Health Care
YCHI5020MSystems Thinking in Health Care
YCHI5030MProcess Modelling, Benefits and Change
YCHI5060MDesigning Future e-Health Systems
YCHI5070MMobile Health
YCHI5080MInternational e-Health
YCHI5090MMSc Health Informatics Project